Nikunj Agarwal and Pranav Mangal, Founder of thier own made company “DIGITARY MEDIA”

Nikunj Agarwal And Pranav Mangal, 
Nikunj Agarwal and Pranav mangal started to learn about the digital world at the age of 16.

Later, both started online marketing as a freelance writer and worked as an intern in various companies. They learns new things by doing projects one by one. This is how pranav and nikunj begins thier journey into the digital world.

Pranav and Nikunj took online courses in digital marketing and web design. They are interested in computers, so they spent a lot of time on computers for this purpose. However, on the corona pandemic, the Indian government has announced that it has implemented a daytime lockdown in one way or another.

Since Pranav Mangal and Nikunj Agarwal have online courses they has enough time to work and can handle both of these tasks from a single computer screen, so uses his computer skills to start working on websites such as freelancers and other sites. As a freelance website or website that has been working for days, it knows how to do something and has built an online platform called “DIGITARY” to provide a variety of online jobs in digital advertising and marketing. It is difficult to deal with learning and business at the same time, but they still managed.

Digital revolution
Over the past decade, it has had a huge impact on consumers and businesses. A major change has taken place in technology and use. Previously, I only worked on the Internet. The source is today a platform for people to come together and exchange and exchange experiences. Discussion and discussion are a source of entertainment. Social networks have become a medium that has more influence on the use of the Internet and reaches the general public. They are eager to take advantage of the corporate age.

The strategy is no longer limited to the traditional marketing model. The information has been shown to cover the target audience quickly and on a large scale. The Indus is an emerging economy and has the greatest market potential and the fastest growing digital marketing industry available. This survey explains its scope.

Nikunj Agarwal and Pranav mangal have the vision to discover digital business opportunities and become a digital entrepreneur. In the future, it will also create many jobs, expand its business around the world, introduce Indian currencies, and indirectly help Korea’s capital formation.

Both follows strict business ethics and customer satisfaction is his top priority. It is very risky and offers a project online before a certain period of time. Thanks to his management skills, they have a disciplinary work team. Even while reading this article, he is very busy with multiple tasks at once.

 Thier vision is to satisfy consumers at all costs and to deliver projects on time at all costs.


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