Mohit Churiwal Is The Unstoppable Force Who Is Making Money In Millions Through Instagram

There’s no right age for success. It can happen anytime and when success comes your way, the sky is the limit. Mohit Churiwal is roaring the loudest with his work on the internet. Merely at the age of 14, he started earning money in millions through Instagram. He hails from Surat, Gujarat and has reached new heights by creating digital strategies and extraordinary content on social media. While students at his age had books in their hands, he became an Instagram expert leaving many people in awe of his creative side. To name a few pages which this young guy has handled on social media are ‘Time 4 Knowledge’, ‘Fact Run’, ‘The Dazzling Facts’, ‘Logic Detector’, ‘Fact Gyan’ among other pages.

His diverse knowledge about social media and his unique strategies have no bounds. He has also run promotional campaigns for apps like RozDhan and Vigo. “I wanted to try something different in life. Entrepreneurship had always been in my mind. I always had my interest in social media and I am really happy that I have found my purpose in life”, said Mohit. He has reached that level of his life where people dream to be at. During school, he devoted most of his time in analysing social media trends in the digital market and create viral content for his audience.

Besides Instagram, he has tremendous knowledge about YouTube. His best quality is that he understands what kind of content would work on the digital space. In other words, this digital genius knows what to offer to his audience. Apart from creating content, he also holds expertise in growing the social media page in terms of followers as well as engagement. He has helped many international clients grow their followers organically and is minting money in dollars. At this tender age, he founded his company named ‘Maxtern Media’ which did several campaigns for domestic as well as international companies. Mohit Churiwal is undoubtedly that precious gem who was meant to shine brightest. Isn’t he one among millions in the truest sense?

Maxtern Media
I've always had a knack for storytelling! Hi there, I'm Mohit Churiwal. I'm a copywriter and, a blogger. I Interview individuals who've achieved some sort of success in their field- Actively building a knowledge base for Millenials


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