Mohammad Nayem – Asia’s Youngest Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur And Music Artist

A young digital marketer entrepreneur and social media influencer Mohammad Nayem breaks all the ads to be a social media sensation and has made it big in the digital marketing space. Nayem started his journey with nothing but happens to be at the top currently in the digital content creator and digital marketing space.

Nayem, a 19-year old guy is working as a digital marketer. His interest in doing social media campaigns made him an expert, who has managed the pages of many public figures and celebrities.

Social media has become a part of everyone’s lives and many young people including me are marketing themselves over the internet, He started his journey by becoming a social media handler.

Nayem also holds expertise in giving technical support to well-known names from different industries.

People see what you show them. Marketing yourself over the web has become very important as it helps in creating the impression of the brand, said Nayem. In the present situation of lockdown, Nayem is utilizing his time in learning different social media skills. With a major focus on providing quality over quantity,

Online marketing experts are spending a lot of time in building the reputation of brands over the digital space. With everything going digital, many businesses have made their presence over the web where content travels like the speed of light.
Today, we live within the 21st century, where technology is at its peak yet multiple corporations are struggling to reinforce their brand and identity globally, so marketing is that the only tool that costs less gives the simplest results.

Being a prominent SEO marketing expert, Mohammad Nayem has thus far given his advice to several celebrities from Bollywood, Brands, and various Corporations which helps them to maneuver forward digitally. With the increasing demand for digital marketing & advertising within the western world, people in Asia especially Bangladesh are now trying to find digital marketing experts and corporations that understand their company’s business and use their skills right to create their brand identity globally through digital technology.

From copywriting, press publications, brand reputation, video marketing to traditional marketing, Nayem and his agency Yeager Digital are ready to provide their clients with the simplest services that are essential to offer global recognition to any brand today. He is playing his role alright in today’s fast-changing world.

Nayem’s excellence in his work is supported and praised by entrepreneurs & marketing giants like Vinay Singh, Harish Pednekar & Deepesh Sawant who skills to use digital tools and their leadership quality for private brands and corporations, which may help them grow the scale of their business.

Mohammad Nayem and his team know that accurate market data is that the secret to success as a digital marketer and agency. He has matured himself and became a reputed digital authority during this field thanks to the constant work on new projects.

Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Yeager Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Yeager Digital is a public relations and marketing agency that specializes in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategy.


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