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Meet Young Social media Star of Bihar

Atul Raj Is 17 years young las From Bihar ( patna ,Bikram) who handles many Social platform accounts and Also help Many Of then To Promote and collobrate. In recent times he is seen with famous social media Influencer .

Atul Raj started his Social Media career in year 2020 .
Intially, he started with Meta at a very minimal level , where he used to review products ,shopping sites, small companies .extra . Over the span of time, he has made himself a famous name in the social Sites platform & fashion , lifestyle small compaines. At present ; he works on collabration &promotion ,fashion ,
modeling Meta & instagram .

He Mostly post A new Concept pic on instagram & meta . He has massive fans following
(instagram =17k ,
Meta =58k )

Local companies and well-known brands are contacting him for collaborations and promotional reasons because of his significant social media presence. Every step is a new opportunity for Atul Raj. He is constantly uploading new photo and videos on his Instagram

He is known as model of Bihar (patna) many of pepole raise with a name of love ( AJ)

He has established a virtual Internet presence in a short period of time. He tries to inspire young people. Although he believes that success can be achieved in all streams, you need to know about that river, get proper preparation and action, and good intentions. He believes that children in a small town do notneed to go to a larger city to succeed in their work.


He was born and raised in Patna province, Bihar. Social media has always been his passion, but he never finished his education. To satisfy his curiosity about the subject, he took on the task. According to him, he has his own marketing and digital marketing skills, as well as image editing and social media promotion skills. When he has time, he enjoys walking and reading. A man who is passionate about toughness and the next guy-neighbor describes him in his daily life.

indian famas Atul Raj is always a meta lover and Atul Raj like a hero and inspiration people more than more way and also we have inspired to him


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