Meet with the India’s young musical artist Shivanand Gupta

Today I am going to tell you about that personality. Who has made a different identity for himself as a musician in the field of music. Whose name is Shivanand Gupta Musician, he is an artist whose job is to make music and songs. And he is very skillful and efficient in this work. Shivanand Gupta had great interest in the field of music since childhood. But he did not know that later on this interest of his would become a very big part of his life. Today he is seen to be highly popular in the field of music as a musician.

Shivanand Gupta is a Musical Artist, Author And Youtuber. born on ( 8 February 2005) in Gorakhpur, India. Shivanand Gupta was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name is Saurabh Gupta is a businessman and his mother’s name is Saroj Gupta is a housewife.

Shivanand Gupta is doing a great job as a music composer. And he has become a source of inspiration for today’s youth. He has to say. That the person who has a strong desire to get something. Nature also always helps him to connect him with those things. Shivanand Gupta is such a musician. Whom Hip Hop RnB and always try to do something new. Which makes him quite different from all other musicians. And he is highly skilled in making such songs. He is always trying to do something new and unique. And they also become successful in doing these things. These are the things that make Shivanand Gupta different from other musicians too.


Shivanand Gupta is very serious and cautious about his work. He believes that work is worship. He says that whoever dreams of becoming a musician or whatever, a person gets his destination only then. When he works with honesty and true loyalty to achieve his destination. Otherwise that person will never get the destination and the person who does his work with sincerity and honesty. That person gets the destination, sometimes it takes a while, but that person definitely gets the destination and we meet failures on the way to that destination, we do not have to worry about those failures because failures are also a part of success…


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