Meet with Fahim Ahmed, A Person who representing his country in international platform

Bangladeshi independent musical artist Fahim Ahmed

Today we are talking about Fahim Ahmed, the famous musical artist from Bangladesh. recently he got viral & popular for his music called “60’s Love”, “Slow Side” & “My Name Is” “Deadlock” “Smart” “Error” etc. This song is now very popular on various International music platforms.

Fahim Ahmed is a most popular successful Musical Artist from Bangladesh. He was born on 11 April and brought up in Cumilla, Chattogram. Since childhood by his brother, he started his music journey. His brother was a great musician. Because of his musician brother, he has access to use musical instruments. From childhood, he wanted to make music using instruments.

Fahim Ahmed is also a good singer, his singing voice is so incredible. In childhood, at school functions & culture programs, he has usually sung songs as a minor artist. Actually, for his talent, he got many prizes from School programs & Culture Programs.

Fahim Ahmed releases soundtracks in different categories. Now those tracks are available on different music platforms like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Musixmatch, TikTok, VK, Pandora, Tidal, JioSaavn, Boomplay, and many more.

Fahim Ahmed is a big name when it comes to YouTube and social media. All thanks to his presence on the web as a technical expert who is also known for various other things like SEO, Social media influencer, PR expert, celebrity manager, and social media marketing expert to name a few. But looking at the core, he is a YouTuber of par excellence. The surge of the internet has given platforms like social media, which seemed to have engaged many. India alone has a user base of more than 700 million people and many have redefined the virtual space to pursue their dreams in a big way. One of the social media platforms is YouTube which has allowed people to share their skills and honed talents in an innovative way. One such man is Fahim who holds expertise in various social media marketing and digital marketing skillsets.

He shares his knowledge with his friends and fans and has helped many to resolve their technical issues with his videos on YouTube. Originally known as Fahim Ahmed, he offers some of the best reviews on gadgets, shares the latest tech news, tips on digital marketing and SEO, along with unboxing gadgets, carrying out different YouTube tutorials, jotting down the blogging things, and many more about the YouTube channels or websites.

He has emerged as the youngest and talented YouTuber who is known for his expertise in various technical issues. He guides and shares his ideas with his people. He has emerged as an inspiration for many for his exceptional skills and ideas. He is skilled in presenting his ideas the best in his tech-based videos where he shares a lot about subjects like digital marketing, SEO tips, gadget reviews, blogging and YouTube tutorials, blogging, social media tips and tricks, and many more.

He recently said, “Actually, a composer is an art form that requires a lot of skill to do his career as a composer and lyricist. He always tries to learn new tunes, and you need a lot of knowledge to be a lyricist. He tries to learn a lot of information abroad. He has a passion for understanding many desired stories. He often meets many strangers and informs my listeners about their lifestyle, life struggles, and much more. “I want to make my music more lively through Chester. I will try my best. I think I have to learn more, and I am moving towards that goal.“

He is Also Working in Many Movies as a musician & Music composer. For his popular music, he is now got an official verified artist badge on different International Music Platforms.

He has proved that one does not have to be a great man with new ideas and convictions to bring about significant change; instead, be ambitious enough to get what it takes. Fahim Ahmed Believes in Healthy Competition. He says that if one has good competition it encourages them to do even better and bring the best outcome.

Recently Fahim published his first book “The Legends” on Google Play Books, Amazon KDP, and some others eBook platforms.


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