Meet Teena Singh, the new generation musical artist

Asha Singh Tanwar or Asha Tanwar also known by her stage name Teena Singh is an Indian Singer and musical artist from Jodhpur. She sang folk Rajasthani songs. This is what Teena believed in & she is always going to live by. Music flows in her blood & is the meaning of her life. It is the medicine which can cure any sorrows of life & connects individuals so deep that they find solace in it, just like she saw it with her musical journey which she has been living since she was a little kid.

Teena Singh’s journey with her most favourite art began in her childhood & since then; she has been strongly inclined towards the magical world of music. People who know her know this, that she eat, breathe & live music, that’s how her passion has been for her art & singing.

Being a spiritual soul, She always had a thing for singing bhajans & mantras & so decided to make my path in the genre.

So far, life has been kind enough to provide her with opportunities to explore the music world with some of the legendary names of the Indian music industry. She has had the honour of doing live shows & recordings along with big names. And, still, my quest is on to do more work & create more incredible songs with my passion for singing.

The love from her audiences means the world to her & they have showered love on her songs on YouTube with appreciations & praises by making it a massive hit on the online platform giving it a million views till now.


This acts as a significant driving force in her life that keeps Teena Singh going on her path to explore more things as a singer & a performer.t

Teena Singh rongly believes in the idea that music is indeed our life because that is why our hearts have beats. And, She wishes through this magical power of music & her songs, Teena can reach more people & connect more with them & their souls deeply.S

She said:, “The idea of music having a use goes back centuries. The beginnings of written-down music was the liturgy, and obviously that has a connection with the idea of a meditative state and all of that. So music can really be useful in that way.

I am Jethu Sisodiya, a Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writter from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.


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