Meet Patrick Fitzgibbons: A Retired Law Enforcement Professional Who is Now Running A Top Ranked Podcast

As a retired law enforcement professional, Patrick Fitzgibbons has had over two decades of experience in a variety of areas. He spent his early years serving as a military veteran in the US Army, after which he worked as a police officer, detective, and supervisor at the Lamar Police Department for 9 years and then at Louisville Police Department for 13 years. Thus, over the years, Patrick had gotten a lot of experience dealing with different services and issues in the law enforcement area. However, even after getting retired, the law enforcement professional still wanted to be of service to the world. As a consequence of that, 6 years ago, Patrick started a new journey, where he wished to inspire and motivate the first responder community. 

Patrick believed that there was an urgent need to help the first responders community since a lot of them suffered from a range of issues, such as self-doubt, depression, PTSD, etc. Therefore, he came up with the idea of hosting a podcast called Criminal Justice Evolution, where he wanted to coach and mentor the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Over here Patrick decided to cover a range of topics surrounding the criminal justice subject and issues related to it so that he can provide his listeners with knowledge, tools, and advice on how to become a better criminal justice professional. He also used the platform to emphasize the importance of self-care, which includes gratitude, mediation, and physical and mental fitness. In addition to that, to provide more authentic and relevant information, he regularly invites different guests so that they too can provide their valuable opinion. As a result, Patrick feels that his podcast is a source of inspiration for all rising criminal justice professionals since it provides them with all the necessary details that eventually help them grow personally and professionally. 

Currently, Patrick has released over 400 podcasts and is working on further growing his brand through other means. He has also written and published a book called “E.V.O.L.V.E”, where he guides readers on how they can take charge of their lives. Furthermore, to help more people, Patrick has now started working to provide one-on-one coaching/counseling sessions on a range of topics including career development, dealing with trauma, building up self confidence, and other life challenges. 

Therefore, today after a lot of hard work, Patrick has been able to reach a large group of audience, especially through his podcast, which is now known as “The No.1 Criminal Justice Podcast!” 

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