Meet Famous Bangladeshi Musician Artist – Masud Ibn Khan


Masud Ibn Khan born 01 Jan 1996.
He is Bangladesh Musician’s Artist, Musical Artist, Music Composer, Entrepreneur’s, Writer And Photographer.

Masud Ibn Khan Tell his success story mastermedia.
I am costing a lot in life. I wanted to learn and sing from a young age. This was my hope. In fact, it was just a goal of my life. I started practicing slowly. At first I couldn’t do anything. I used to feel frustrated and frustrated. But I never gave up. Because my only dream was to be a singer one day. My father always encouraged me to move forward. Inshallah I would continue my work with the prayers of all. Now I am a successful Bangladeshi artist. Inspired by everyone, I succeeded. I am grateful to everyone. I am busy with work now. I work 12 hours to surprise everyone with new songs. I never thought I would one day be a successful Bangladeshi artist. My father’s contribution behind everything. My father gave me courage. To come so far. I will go further and everyone will just bless me. I feel like I’m getting bigger.

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a successful person. As well with names everyone wants fame also. They only want names. But, here Masud Ibn Khan started his career to become a successfully person. Because, according to Masud Ibn Khan if you get a name then you will get fame automatically.


Masud Ibn Khan started his career running as Music. He is also Founder and “ Team Italy”. It is a fully Media Supportin that helps people to find help hin and to explore more basic knowledge. He Was Born on 01 Jan 1996. He Passed His College Life in Chandpur govt, College. His Living In Chandpur, Bangladesh. Fascinated towards Music since childhood And Know He is the very popular musician and singer.he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class. He never hesitated in experimenting. At a very young age he opened his company Team Italy with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Masud Ibn Khan
Masud Ibn Khan is a passionate Bangladeshi Musical artist, music composer, social media influencer, entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Digital content creator in the Digital platform. He is ready to present himself with his first project in the media industry. Currently, he is working as a Digital marketer on an online platform but very soon going to touch something big.


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