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Md Masud Rana is a musician. Md Masud Rana (born 12 October 1997) is one of Jashore Basundia’s leading male Musical artists. He is the youngest Musician in town. began his musical career in 2016. Md Masud Rana with knowledge of instrumental audio and electronic music has his hands on almost every genre of music. Masud is the youngest musical artist in Basundia Jashore. Born to Jashore basundia union known for Beats beats, heavy beats, dance beats, first mix


Md Masud Rana was Born in Jessore on 12 October 1997. His Father’s name is Shak Eliaus and his Mother’s name is Howa. Md Masud Rana’s father works as a Businessman & Entrepreneur in the Local Area.


Md Masud Rana Graduated with Secondary School SSC 2012 at Jangal Badhal high school and HSC from Singia Adarsha degree college 2014. AndStudied Bba in accounting at the National national university 2021.


Masud is Jessore Bangladesh’s youngest musician. Born to Jashore basundia union, known for beats and heavy beats. His manager was started in 2016. He also began making songs in 2021, when he released his third song O ma go real love. This song was a mix. Howa Records CEO and Founder He founded Music Production Records Howa Records, which provides music beats, instrumental beats, and other services to our clients.

Personal Life

Masud is a social worker and environmental lover, a music lover, composer, blogger, YouTuber, director, producer! ! Md Masud Rana, a Bangladeshi musician, is the author. Has Verified Pages on various Streaming Platforms such as Spotify, Jiosaavn and Apple Music, Soundcloud, Soundcloud, Soundcloud, Soundcloud, and many others. Masud is a Bangladeshi musician. His songs are very popular on social media and music platforms. He has also received verified artist pages and bases on various music platforms. It’s time for him to start his YouTube channel and international music platform such as Spotify, Jiosaavn. “Last but not least, he is proud to have been a Bangladeshi verified music artist.

Success story

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a successful person. As well as a name, everyone wants fame also. But, here Md Masud Rana starts his career to become a successful person. They only want names. Because, according to Md Masud Rana if you get a name then you will getting fame automatically.

Md Masud Rana starts his carrier by running an Investment business online . But, He, not a success there. That’s why many of the time they were closed online investments. But, after some time, they started his new music career. Now he got success on music platforms. And verified musician Spotify.

Now, you think why Spotify verified Md Masud Rana’s account as a musical artist. Because in 2021 he released his first soundtrack on the SoundCloud music streaming platform. But, after some days he releases his official on Spotify, youtube music, apple music, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, and many others. Md masud Rana has released his soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms like Deezer, Tidal, and Napster. You get Md Masud Rana music on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook library also.

Md Masud Rana also knows as a successful author. He publishes his four eBooks on google play store and amazon. He also knows as an Indian author on google. Now Md Masud Rana officially verified on google, yahoo, and bing as a musical artist and youtube personality. According to Md Masud Rana without hard work, you can’t get success. Just keep following your dreams



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