Md. Ismail Ahmed Digital Marketer Entrepreneur Freelancer in Bangladesh

Md. Ismail Ahmed is a Bangladeshi musician artist, entrepreneur, freelancer, a writer who has made a big name in the world of digital marketing. Md. Ismail Ahmed is an influential artist, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger, writer. Ismail was born on August 3, 2002, at the age of 19. He was born and raised in the Lakshmipur district of Bangladesh. Ismail’s father’s name was “Nur Mohammad Badshah” and his mother’s name was “Nur Jahan Begum”. He was very interested in trying something new since childhood. Her classmates thought that her thinking was different from that of the other classmates. He never hesitated to experiment. At a very young age, he launched his company ‘Ismail Varieties Store’. with the dream of becoming one of the best in the digital marketing industry, including freelancers. With his hard work, devotion, and emotion, the company has reached its top in a short time. As a social media influence and marketing strategy, he promoted social messages, movies, and brand videos on social media through his influential network all over Bangladesh. Md. Ismail Ahmed said he should never stop learning. He believes that the day you stop learning, the day you stop earning. He further believes that his work should never be satisfied with it because it kills hunger. As an influential freelancer and artist, Md. Ismail Ahmed has inspired many people and young people who are fighting to create a sign in this case. He writes books and adds helpful tips. Md. Ismail Ahmed is a Bangladeshi musical artist Sarkar who has already verified the largest music platform on YouTube’s official artist channel and Spotify. He got the official artist channel on YouTube on March 30, 2021, and also verified Spotify as an artist. The name of his official Facebook fan page is “Md. Ismail Ahmed. He started his music life in 2016 with his own little studio. He has done a lot of equipment. But in 2021 he published his first song. Md. Ismail Ahmed is a successful freelancer. Modern identification freelancing can be done without getting a job. A little carelessness, hard work, and patience can change online and offline life. Anyone who tries to keep their goals on time can be the best freelancer. Idol will become in the eyes of thousands of young people. If the goal is intact, beyond the boundaries of the country, the country will also match the status of a successful freelancer. Such a young Md Ismail Ahmed. When the age has not passed thirteen, tell his dream. The time is 2016. At this age, he entered the world of freelancing from the will of doing something himself. Although the start experience is a little different. There are various types of obstacles to face. Yet Ismail did not give up. Long five years of hard work and patience. With a little inspiration for moving a little further reached the edge of success. He is currently working as an International Marketplace Fiber and a top-rated freelancer in Upwork. Freelancer Md. Ismail Ahmed is working on the SARS engine optimization (SEO) in online marketplaces. The first position in the Bangladesh rankings in Upwork is now his. Ismail is changing the success of long efforts, hard work, and patience. Now he is earning more than 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month. Ismail’s dream is to do something for useless unemployed youth. There is no shortage of interest to show the way to get a horse by sticking to the freelancing profession of young people who have grown up in the village. He has developed a training center in his village to inspire young people. From where the new freelancer is constantly being created. Also online Facebook page name ‘Md. Ismail Ahmed and has a YouTube channel called ‘Md. Ismail Ahmed’. He is going through various aspects of freelancing through live class taking there. Ismail is hopeful that this small initiative of his economic growth in Bangladesh will soon turn into a large activity.


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