Mahmudul Hoque Jalis, an author as well as a negotiator

Mahmudul Hoque Jalis ,,an author as well as a negotiator

Mahmudul Hoque Jalis ,,an author as well as a negotiator


Mahmudul Hoque Jalis Writes for Bangladesh Pratidin, Samay News TV, Alokit Bangladesh, Samakal, Barta Bazar and heaps of other traditional press in Bangladesh. When you opened the page of the paper, you see every one of the amazing works of Mowlana Mufti Mahmudul Haque Jalis on different subjects of Islamic exploration. Routinely examining, on News 24 TV and radio dhani. Aside from this, Islamic conversations are occurring inside the field at various occasions.


Mahmudul Hoque Jalis has been composing since his youth, up until now, he has distributed numerous books, various which are-Antomiler Bosotbari (rhyme), Shargio Gondom (Poetry), Change Your Life (in Bangla), Door of Thought (Story) (in Bangla), Islamic Motivation (Article) (in Bangla), Children’s Prophets (Essays) (in Bangla), The books to be distributed are-


Life of Peace (Essay) (in Bangla), Religious issues near the precarious edge of life (paper) (in Bangla), The way in to an effective life (exposition) (in Bangla), Islam Education for young people (Articles) (in Bangla)


We should hear the tale of ethical quality (story) (in Bangla), Holy Life (novel) (in Bangla)




Mahmudul Haque Jalis was brought into the world on 5/4/1995 in Guarekha Barbari of Swarupkathi police headquarters in Pirojpur area. He began his initial life through Islamic instruction. Whenever Hifz was done by Mr. Hafez Dabir. His dad Hafez Nurul Haque Saheb likewise completed Hifz from this instructor. Hifz is one of the instructors of both the daddy and child.




Mahmudul Haq Jalis started to survey inside the Maulana (Masters) line after officially accepting the Holy Quran. On that event he originally conceded to Jamiatul Abrar Madrasa. In the wake of reading there for four long years, he conceded to Jamia Rahmania Arabia Seven Mosque Madrasa, a common foundation in Dhaka. From that point he contemplated Hadith (Masters) in Daora with a standing. He contemplated the Holy Hadith of the Prophet (harmony and endowments of Allaah arrive) from Allama Mamunul Haq, a prestigious researcher of Bangladesh. Later he conceded to Madinatul Uloom Madrasa in Keraniganj to seek after a far superior exploration degree. From that point, Ifta finished with a standing.


Subsequent to finishing his investigations, he’s currently associated with showing a phenomenal calling. Khadimul Islam Madrasa in Dhaka as a Muhaddith and second in command. Furthermore, he composes customary strict segments inside the country’s eminent papers including Daily Bangladesh Pratidin. Examining on different radio and TV.



Mahmudul Hoque Jalis has gotten grants from different spots for his compositions. Gotten praises from a few spots. Specifically, Priya BanMahmudul Hoque Jalis ,,an author as well as a negotiatorot the honor in 2018.


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