Mahmudul Hasan is now a Bangladeshi famous Musical artist

Mahmudul Hasan is a famous musical artist of Bangladesh. He was born on 15 November 2001 in Sylhet. His father’s name is Md. Kobir Ahmed and his mother’s name is Joynob Akther. His brother’s name is Tuhin Ahmed. Mahmudul Hasan was addicted to music since childhood. After many years of trying, he is today a successful musical artist. The name of his first released song is “Vule Gesi Toke”. Day after day, his music began to gain fame. His songs – Vule Gesi Toke, Nirvul, Biramhin, Sweeper Man, Komola Ronger Rod, etc. Have already been picked up by the audience. His suggestion for new musical artists is to work hard. If you have the desire to achieve something then you will definitely get success. Mahmudul Hasan was once a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion.
Whenever he sees any injustice around, a protest song is played in his throat. He Said I will make music for the rest of my life.
Mahmudul Hasan usually sings about viral issues. Which usually wins the minds of the listeners quickly. Currently, his songs are spread all over the world. His songs are available on online music platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Hungama, etc. Mahmudul Hasan says “I will make music for my fans all my life”. Mahmudul Hasan is currently studying at Kanaighat Govt collage. Kanaighat Govt High School. He mainly sings about the recent situation. He is always receiving gifts from many of his fans around the world. Lastly, Mahmudul Hasan said, “I love my fans very much, because for them I have become a successful musician today.” He has to pass many critical situations to reach this position. In August 27, 2020 he thought about creating a facebook page named (Mahmudul Hasan). And created one. Then in 2021 he started creating musics. He used to sing a little bit from his childhood. His mother was the first music teacher of his life. After learning a little from his mother, in 2018 he became the first in a song competition called “Ganer Sera Gan” in his upazila Kanaighat and won the second place in Sylhet district. Thus began the life of his song. A few bands later offered him. He is working hard in this field due to her mother’s inspiration and music. He is a real example of the life that music can be associated with. May he find all the happiness of his life in the middle of the song. He always tries to present new songs to his followers.
His advice to new content creators and composers is to work hard.


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