Mahamudur Rashid Successful Musician Of Bangladesh

Mahmudur Rashid is a Bangladeshi musician who was born on January 10, 1999. He has achieved a great position in the online music industry of Bangladesh. She released her first music album, “Self Nights, Gorgeous City”, and released more than twenty songs on online music platforms. He became a verification artist on most music platforms such as Spotify, Dizar, Amazon Music, Apple Music, GeosOne, and others.

He has made history by releasing his music on Chinese music platforms such as NetEase. He also became a verification artist in Yandex Music which complimented him in the Russian music industry.

Mahmudur Rashid (born 10 January 1999 in Noakhali Senbagh, kankirhat Bangladesh – is a Bangladeshi musician, artist, entrepreneur, influential writer, web developer.

Mahamudur Rashid is now 22 years old. This young musician has secondary education from Kankirhat High School. He was later admitted to Kankirhat and he completed his HSC examination from Kankirhat Degree College. He is currently pursuing a BSc degree from BGMEA University.

Mahmudur Rashid started blogging at the age of 14. He learned various techniques and techniques related to blogs and became a successful blogger and digital marketing expert. He has already reached the pinnacle of success as an entrepreneur. He is a book writer.

Mahamudur Rashid told us, “Almost all the countries of the world are affected by the Corona epidemic today. In such a situation it is not possible for me to work outside the home. So I write songs at home as well as work for my digital marketing company. And my songs are on almost all music platforms. Mahamudur Rashid believes that everyone can prosper using social media platforms but young people should not learn every day and improve their skills. Mahamudur Rashid has once again become a good example for those who want to build their careers in digital and social media marketing. Mahmudur Rashid tells us that “if someone has intelligence and research thinking, it does not take any educational qualification as a digital marketer”

Mahmudur Rashid is very popular for his music. He won the hearts of many listeners through his songs. Today Mahmudur Rashid is successful for those who support Mahmudur Rashid. Some of his songs include “Self Nights, Break Soundbook, Gorgeous City, Private Sky, My Memories, Latinos Love”.

He dreams of designing social media as a scam-less media where people can drive without hesitation. He wants to contribute to the development of his country in various ways by his acquired knowledge.


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