Kyle Kirshner, How To Start Your Amazon FBA Business With Proven Step-By-Step Process

Kyle Kirshner is an Amazon FBA expert that helps new entrepreneurs how to sell products with a proven step-by-step process that will not only teach you how to sell on Amazon but give you the ability to generate wealth and a path to true financial freedom. 


Kyle Kirshner, Founder of Sell On Amazon was kind enough to sit down with us and chat about his entrepreneurship journey. 


So Kyle, how did you get started with your entrepreneurship journey?

Kyle: I was actually 15 and I got a warehouse position at a private label electronics company that did 20 million a year on Amazon. I was intrigued and stayed with that company for 6 years. I went from shipping pallets to amazon and relabeling products to product development and research, to handling and finding manufacturers, to the top of their marketing team, and saw how they ran their business. I also understood how they launched their products, how they got their reviews and after 6 years I quit and started my own private label Amazon brand. Now, my warehouse is actually across the street from their warehouse and I never looked back!


What are some of the challenges you’ve had to face to get to where you are today?

Kyle: Funding, covid was a challenge because the sales went up and the shipping/lead time plummeted. So I had to resort to finding other manufacturers in different rural areas.


Do you have some practical advice for those people who might want to get started in a similar career as you?

Kyle: Due your due diligence, maybe work for a company that is already successfully doing what you want to do and replicate it, that’s kind of what I did.


What are your TOP 5 practical tips someone can apply today and see results before working with you?

Samples samples samples! I tell all my clients to get at least 5 samples of the same product but from different manufacturers to ensure quality, you must have a quality product on Amazon or you’ll hear otherwise.
Walk before you run, figure out how to get your product to the first page of amazon, a lot of people throw a product on amazon and expect sales, they don’t realize their product is probably on page 10 for whatever keywords there ranking for.
Be humble, learn and grasp from other sellers
Utilize seller podcasts, read the amazon forums
Make your product better than your competitors. I like to read my competitors’ negative reviews and write those down before I come out with a similar product.


What are some of the quotes that make you feel most inspired?

Kyle: “If it is to be, it is up to me” my grandfather serial entrepreneur – Rich Freschi


Currently, what is the big message you’d like to highlight?

Kyle: Since my business is on autopilot now I’ve been coaching others and have had some jaw-dropping results helping people escape their 9-5 by selling on Amazon.


Thanks for the interview! What is the best way for someone to reach you if they are interested in working with you?

Kyle: Feel free to reach out to me at You can also reach out to me on Instagram @kyle.kirshner or Facebook Kyle.Kirshner.3

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