Know The Secret Behind Success Of Iraqi Music Producer Dawood Nazar.


The name of Dawood Nazar is also included in the famous music artists of Iraq, Dawood Nazar says in an interview with us that his journey to become a successful music producer was not easy. As easy as people see their life, in reality it is the opposite. Talking about his bad times, Dawood Nazar says, “When I was 13 years old I thought that I would make my career in music and give my full contribution to Iraq music industry, the very day I picked up that I will forever inscribe my name in the history of Iraq’s music industry.

Dawood Nazar says he never felt that he was struggling in his life because he loved music so much that he never realized that he was struggling. Dawood was very fond of playing an instrument since childhood, that’s why he used to play anything from any object because in him this curiosity was awakened in him that each object has its own different sound so that he can do some creativity.

Dawood Nazar says that his past was like a boon for him because that was the time when Dawood Nazar recognized himself and made an identity of himself, the result of which you all are seeing. Talking about his future, Dawood Nazar says that he is going to come with some big artists and bring something different that people would not have imagined. Dawood also said that he never wants to act like a copy cat, that’s why sometimes some of his experiments seem useless to people, on the contrary, some people see it completely different and unique.

Dawood Nazar has said for the upcoming artists that you should focus only on your work. Always listen to your own mind, not from the thoughts of others & constantly try that you can do something different. By adopting the same principle, Dawood Nazar also made his name in the music world and today he is one of the famous music producers of Iraq, success and failure in life are the only things whose probability is 50 – 50% respectively. This is the most accurate way to achieve success according to Dawood Nazar.

Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar


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