Kamrujjaman Sanny is a Successful Musician Artist.

Kamrujjaman Sanny  is a Successful Musician Artist.He became known as “Life Sucks” which was released on February 10 2022  through his instrumental music.Kamrujjaman Sanny used to give reviews of various tips and tricks videos and various types of gadgets on YouTube. Slowly he did not stop because of his skill.

Nothing can hold you back if you have an indomitable will. There is such a tie with Sanny. He had a keen interest in music since childhood but could not understand how to do it. But he could play a good guitar and sing good songs from a young age.
Besides reading, Sanny used to play guitar and music at home and in a friendly chat. Gradually, as he grew older, he continued to read music like a friend.

Kamrujjaman  was born in Dhaka district. His strong desire for music has brought him to the pinnacle of success. He started his journey with the music called “Life Sucks” and made his way through the Song.

In the current Covid-19 situation, he told everyone to be careful. And he’s going online with his one-on-one music gift online. And his music is available on all music platforms in the country and abroad.

In an interview recently, he stated that he didn’t find it simple to become a popular music artist and entrepreneur. When struggling for a successful artist and industry musician, he faces several difficulties and problems such as sponsorship, low employee, workplace, etc. Kamrujjaman Sanny , though, has never lost his expectations. He knows he would certainly excel if he works forward for his aim. Kamrujjaman Sanny is now an established and popular Bangladeshi music Maker.

Kamrujjaman Sanny had a
lot of interest in music since his childhood. At the age of 18, he got the
support of his family and joined a music band. After gaining knowledge
about music from there Kamrujjaman Sanny started a music band in his
name. Currently, Kamrujjaman Sanny is available on YouTube, Amazon,
Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Deezer, and various music platforms.
Through which Kamrujjaman Sanny has gained a lot of popularity.
Kamrujjaman Sanny is 21 years old now. This young musician has a
secondary education from Shaheed Smrity High School. Later he was
toadmittedion to Joypara Degree College and at present, he is
studying at Joypara Degree College. Kamrujjaman Sanny has started
blogging at the young age of 14, he learned various blog-related
strategies, tactics and became a successful blogger and Digital
Marketing Expert. Kamrujjaman Sanny gained knowledge about music.


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