Journalist Mohammad Mosharof Hossain in social work

Mosharof Hossain (aka Mohammad Mosharof Hossain) is a child of a middle class family. He started working on children’s rights in 2016. He is working alone to establish child rights in Bangladesh. At first he wrote about children in newspapers. He wrote about the rights of disadvantaged children in the country, the rights of children have been implemented through writing.



He started working as a dedicated soul for children. He had to overcome many obstacles at the field level to work for the rights of children. He is currently writing about children in the country’s national dailies The Daily Samakal, The Daily Vorer Pata, The Daily Ittefaq and Children’s Program Bangladesh Television BTV he worked for the advancement of the children of the Vedic people of the country. The country is constantly fighting against child labor and bringing underprivileged children under education. In the establishment of children’s rights, two books written by him on children’s rights have been published in the National Amar Ekushey Book Fair in Bangladesh in 2019 and 2020. The first book was titled ‘Children For Love’ and the second book was titled ‘Child Hood’.


He said Child marriage is a big problem in Bangladesh, so that girls are not deprived of education, meetings, seminars, awareness campaigns, meetings with mothers, including prevention of child marriage. As a result, child marriage in his own area is reduced.


At the beginning of the Corona virus (Covid-19), when the people of the Vedic community did not know what a tool to deal with Covid, they went from house to house informing them about the rules of hygiene to keep children safe and came up with health protection materials. Besides, his various activities with children are going on.



He said 17 Millions children in the country are involved in child labor. More than 1,000 children have come under education after various initiatives taken by Musharraf Hossain. After the publication of his report, all the children of the Vedic community, the only people deprived of education in Bangladesh, are coming under various forms of education and will be given education stipends. Besides, child marriage has come down due to his initiative, he has prevented many child marriages by informing the administration.


His dream Those who are involved in child labor try to understand that education will build a brighter future. At the field level, parents are told to send their children to secondary school even if they are struggling, and employers who employ child laborers are told to be given the opportunity to study in addition to their work. It is active in implementing the right of girls to education by building resistance against child marriage. The importance of education has been explained to the people of the Vedic community.They also agree to come under the guise of education. Dhaka Mymensingh Chittagong region Veda children are not involved in child labor as a result of child labor, the lack of good education is increasing the crime rate among these children Dinajpur, Patuakhali, Naogaon, Jessore, Bogra and Habiganj Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Gopalganj, Tangail, Chittagong, Noakhali, Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Pabna, Naogaon, Dinajpur, Nilphamari, Jessore, Kushtia, Barisal, Bhola, Patuakhali and Habiganj. The Vedas of these places are fighting to bring the children of the community under education.


He said In every area of Sherpur district, there are children working in workshop shops, who are not studying. No one has a father, no one has a mother. Many orphans have no one to teach them. They are getting involved in risky work and as a result uncertain life and future, it is necessary to take initiative to solve this problem across the country with the cooperation and money of the government. In the morning, the children of the Vedic community of the country start with horrible lessons like playing snakes and monkeys. In the face of uncertain life, they will be gone for hundreds of years and the crime trend is increasing.



He started working as a dedicated soul for children. He had to overcome many obstacles at the field level to work for the rights of children. He is currently Working about children in the country’s national dailies The Daily Samaka The Daily Vorer Pata. Somoy Television Online, The Daily Ittefaq and Children’s Program Reporter Bangladesh Television BTV.

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