Jalaun’s dear Mithun Kumar is all set to rock the music world with ‘Muse Beat’.

Mithun Kumar, we are talking about, Mithun Kumar the famous musical artist from Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, India. Recently he got viral for some music called ‘Tera Waada’, ‘Mai Tumhara Hoon’

Mithun Kumar is a young music artist from India. His real name is Mithun Kumar. He was born on 04 August 2002 and brought up in India. he has access to use musical instruments From childhood, he wants to make music using instruments. He was born in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh.

Mithun Kumar started his career to spread happiness worldwide by creating music and motivational Speech. He has already released more than 15 kinds of music on Different Music Streaming Platforms. Mithun Kumar is a famous name in the music industry. He aims to represent the Indian music industry all over the world. Mithun Kumar Sami has recently made a big name in Indian music history. He always tries to do something experimental.

Mithun Kumar is also a good singer; his singing voice is incredible. In childhood, at a school function, he has usually sung songs as a minor artist. Actually, for his talent, he got requested by classmates and teachers.


About his career as a music composer and lyricist, recently Mithun Kumar said, “In fact, to be a successful music composer requires a lot of skills to do, and to be a lyricist you must need a lot of knowledge about the meaning of life. I always try to gain knowledge from birth to the grave. I have a passion for knowing a lot of desired stories. I often meet a lot of strangers to gain practical knowledge from their life stories. I always try my best to make my music more lively through my best efforts. I also think that I need to learn more and move towards to goal.” He also Loves Meditation Music.

Usually, Mithun Kumar starts making a different kind of music it looks western but not western. His music feels like a foreign flavor. That’s why people are attracted more that’s why people say that Mithun Kumar is a legend. He is a legendary music artist in Indian music history. He is also verified by all search engines

Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar


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