Journalist Jahangir Alam Kabir

Jahangir Alam Kabir

Jahangir Alam Kabir (জাহাঙ্গীর আলম কবীর) is a Journalist. Jahangir Alam Kabir 57 years old Bangla Journalist, entrepreneur & Social Activists who started his career studying side by side had a dream of achieving something big.

He is currently the editor of the popular online news site, The Soddo Khobor( And previously worked newspapers as a Executive Editor in The Daily Ajker Satkhira,  The Daily Satnadee and The Daily Nirvik Shangbad and many newspapers.

He won the Bangladeshi Journalism Award for Best Environmental Journalism for the Nirvik Shangbad (2018).

Jahangir Alam Kabir was born on 2 September 1963, in the Satkhira District of Bangladesh. He is the son of Nurul Haque (father) and Rahima Khatun (mother). He studied at the Noapara High school, and graduated from Rajshahi University.

# Your good and bad experience about your journey?

To be very frank I don’t consider bad experiences as a bad experience or something like bad. ln business field there are many people we have to convince and we will come across many people who are of different types but as per I learnt it is not only intra personal development but also interpersonal development also be needed. Because it is not always harmony between us like our self inside up soul but also with interaction with other people also.  That is important so when I come across people with the different ideologies about my fields in different fields that I am  in. I think they are giving me a chance of thinking in their direction too which I am not aware of. So they are in fact helping me.  I don’t think criticism is  something very bad you can either take it in a positive way or negative way. I take criticism in a positive way if a person is getting criticized it means there is something about that person. something about  them is different or unique so he/she will be criticized in a good manner or a bad manner. on that we should be taking care is the fault. if it is really a genuine fault we will not repeat that and in good way also they can criticize, in a sweet way also they can criticize you just identify that what is that criticism really means something to the company. and something for your personal growth professionally and personally. I think criticisms are must in business because without criticisms you are not going to grow.

# You are featured in several outstanding media what is your experience about that ..?

I am so happy that I have been featured in several media. Seriously I have never expected it but if you have positive attitude towards life the universe will conspire for your succes, for your achievements and for all your positive upcomings. So is the RAMICOS, there is our team in a group of digital marketer, designers and manufacturers all doing as a single unit. And we all have one Moto we have discussed to bring good things to the people and my motto is also the same. So we as a unit are working towards that and when something good is going in this world, the world will also recognise you in that way. I am so happy and so privileged that I have been recognised by several media. Seriously I am privileged because not many people have this opportunity but God have given me this so I am privileged. I want every woman to have their passion alive in their life. And i really want that women should follow their passion throughout.

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