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Independence Day Insights: WhatsApp Messenger API Empowering Customer Lifecycle

More than 1.5 billion individuals in over 180 countries use WhatsApp monthly to contact family and friends abroad. Many local companies, however, are eager to use the WhatsApp Business API to better communicate with their clients this Independence Day!

Customers have made it obvious that messaging apps like WhatsApp, is their preferred means of contact, with billions of messages exchanged daily between them. Customers want to text, chat, and engage with businesses as they do with friends and family.

This is why companies are interested in the WhatsApp API; it allows for more direct client communication. By integrating the WhatsApp Business API into their operations, companies may provide their clientele with personalised, one-of-a-kind services. It’s time to rethink traditional corporate communication methods this Independence Day, as competition is heating up across all sectors, and many consumers favour using instant messaging apps.

Learn why the best whatsapp business api is important for your company and how it may help you stand out in empowering your customer journey at every stage during this Independence day sale.

Create Unique WhatsApp Pre-Purchase Experience for Customers

It’s important to remember that each company’s pre-purchase customer journey will look slightly different, but you’re welcome to utilise our suggestions as a starting point.

Know What They’re Looking For

The first step in tailoring service to an individual customer is gaining insight into their requirements at any point in the buying cycle. This requires understanding the client’s preferences, interests, and issues.

To strategically tailor the pre-purchase phase of the customer’s journey, you must first thoroughly understand their needs and preferences.

With WhatsApp Business list messages, you can start a two-way dialogue and learn more about your clients. You may know a lot about your pre-purchase audiences’ general trends and preferences in this manner as well.

If you know what they’re looking for on Independence Day, you can tailor your product suggestions and customer service to suit their needs better while they browse.

Make Customised Product Suggestions

Carrying on from the previous line, the next best step is to use this client input to give out personalised product recommendations.

You have two options here. The first step is to contact them with further details on the product they’ve expressed interest in, either through the WhatsApp catalogue or a thorough message with a video, PDF, or lookbook attached. The description, price, and other information that will assist consumers in deciding to buy should all be included here.

The second is providing individualised product suggestions based on their interests and purchase history.

Customers in the research phase of the buying process can be significantly influenced by product recommendations tailored to their specific wants and needs. Suppose a customer comes to your store looking for a particular item but needs help narrowing down their options. In that case, a few well-placed recommendations via WhatsApp messages from a brand can make all the difference in the world and push them over the edge to make a purchase.

Excellent Purchase Experience Using the WhatsApp Messenger API

Share Product Details

By integrating the WhatsApp Business API, businesses may give their customers a streamlined communication method. Customers may easily contact companies and receive helpful responses to their inquiries such as: product details, stock availability, expected delivery date, etc., in a reasonable amount of time. The quicker problems are fixed for customers, the happier they are & early they can make purchases.

Payment Options within WhatsApp

Once the customer has decided to make a purchase, you can also provide them option to pay with WhatsApp with the help of interactive buttons attached to your content. WhatsApp Business API has the potential to do so to make customer purchase journey easy. This will let customers place their orders quickly as they don’t have to juggle between multiple applications & secure their order on this Indepenedence day sale.

Improved Post-Purchase Experience Using WhatsApp’s API

Access to Instantaneous Order and Delivery Updates

Delivering timely dispatch, shipment, estimated arrival time, and delivery updates is the first rule of post-purchase customer involvement. With WhatsApp Business proactive messaging, businesses can more easily notify customers when their orders reach new milestones.

If a customer has a question, they can actively participate by replying to the email or text message rather than simply receiving the notification. WhatsApp’s two-way chat capabilities have made it a popular notification channel for many eCommerce companies.

Sound a Variety of Alarms

The post-purchase phase of a customer’s journey is an ideal time to re-engage them with a brand. This is why businesses work hard to make their customers’ experiences consistent by using notifications to spark memories of the brand.

The best whatsapp business api allows you to send out personalised reminders on Independence Day based on a user’s purchase intent and past behaviour.

Any type of alert template can be quickly and easily created. Two examples are promotional information, such as coupons for the next purchase or reminders for customers to review their shopping carts. These procedures can be programmed to run automatically when sending out mass messages.

Get Instant Reviews & Feedback

Reaching out to your customers where they are most comfortable is the best way to interact with them. WhatsApp is one such application & businesses are utilizing its power in all the possible ways. They can also ask for reviews & feedback post purchase from the customer via WhatsApp Business API. They will not only help them in engaging their customers but will also assist in getting quick responses.


In addition to empowering businesses throughout the whole customer lifecycle, the best whatsapp business api has the potential to boost customer happiness and give them a competitive edge. A user-friendly, adaptable, and safe communication channel is one-way businesses may increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. This Independence Day, take advantage of the scalability and low cost of the WhatsApp Business API to provide a better service to your customers.


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