How This Teenage Entrepreneur Known As Engjiz Defied The Bullies And Grew A Successful Business

At the start of this year teenager Engjell Berisha or known as Engjiz was in full revision mode for his GCSE exams, which he should have taken last month. Then COVID-19 struck, and schools were closed and exams canceled.

It was a devastating blow for teenagers all over the World., leaving many of them stressed and worried about their future. Engjell focused instead on navigating his business through a global pandemic.

“I’d planned to scale up the business in the summer holidays when my exams had finished,” he says. “But, when the announcement came that GCSEs would not be going ahead, I decided to scale up now.”

Berisha is the founder of full-service marketing agency BlueEcom, which he launched when he was 14. His first official client was a major pop culture auction company. But this wasn’t his first foray into the social media scene. A couple of years earlier he’d started a YouTube channel, uploading vlog-style videos, only to find himself the target of bullies at school. But he was determined not to be beaten.

“I was only 12, and like many youngsters of that age, I was quite insecure and didn’t understand how to take the mockery that I was having to endure every day,” says Engjiz. “In my mind, the best solution was to switch to another social media platform, Instagram, and create pages that didn’t need to have my face behind them.”

Slowly he grew this into the marketing agency he owns today, and along the way realized something very important. “No matter who you are, or what you do, you are always going to face setbacks in life,” he says. “The bullying had stopped at this point, but now I was facing another problem; rejection. I found it very hard to cope when a prospective client said no, but it was something I had to come to terms with and grow as a person in order to overcome it.”

Berisha found reading books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ helped his self-development. Between 2018 and 2019 he grew an Instagram following of over 350,000, between various Instagram pages in niches such as travel, motorbikes, football, and memes.

While in high school he became interested in entrepreneurs. However, he found that formal schooling does not suit his taste and he soon dropped out of high-school to pursue his career full time. He has since become an influencer, and entertainer, with several thousands of subscribers and followers on Youtube and Instagram and thousands of listeners as a podcaster.

He was gifted with the talent of having a creative mindset and was always itching to create more in different settings. While attending High School and working with different companies, he landed his first internship with Comscore, where he learned about the industry firsthand. “For someone who came from such a small country and surroundings, it was a huge job,” he says.

“One thing which has been consistent in most people’s lives is social media. The lockdown due to COVID-19 might have kept people away from each other but that doesn’t stop people from being together online” he added. Amel made a valid point and currently, the young artist is spending a lot of time learning innovative things online.

He quoted, “Today’s generation is blessed with the latest technology which is advancing every day. Everything is available over the web and you can gain immense knowledge through the internet.

Besides upgrading his skills, he loves to interact with new people and is building his network with new people digitally. The entrepreneur concluded that after the pandemic gets over, he is surely coming out with various new skills which he will exercise in his work.

If we go through his Instagram we will come to know that Engjell Berisha has over 21,000 followers and this is very attractive for the audience in his Instagram account. There is no mention of his software product. There is no gaming platform. We only find pictures of a young man with his friends.

He is an overrated teenager who has a large following base and there is nothing mentioned about his successful business life, nor about his entrepreneur career. On his YouTube channels & Instagram Pages show that he is active on the YouTube & Instagram platform.

Even his website or at least a website that goes by his name does not show any concrete evidence of a software engineer. Nor does it show an artist or anything for that matter. It is merely a page with links to articles about him. You can imagine his popularity because of how people love him, he is popular on Youtube, Instagram, etc.. He is the founder of a company. He dropped out of high school, and so on. There are many solid things about who this person is or what he has actually accomplished. It is what anyone with an internet connection can do.

Engjell Berisha is a case of information, a term the Western media has used much lately. In this age of information, anyone, even an uneducated teenaged boy can become a sensation. Indeed, many teenagers aspire to this stardom, as social media platforms are dominated by this age group. But behind all the words, we often find that the claims are true, a mere marketing campaign to gain publicity and perhaps derive some income from the name of this celebrity.



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