How Sajid Kabir Saji set up Ekarigori, Bangladesh’s leading brand and reputation management agency

Ekarigori, Bangladesh’s top brand and reputation management firm, has developed genius methods based on years of expertise in public relations to assist you in developing your product/brand.

Ekarigori, Bangladesh’s top brand and reputation management firm, has developed genius methods based on years of expertise in the field of public relations to assist you in increasing the visibility of your product/brand, or yourself, in front of your target audience. It helps you grow your business by utilizing advertising methods such as expert copywriting, content creation, site design, web development, and public relations management. You gain from the agency’s association with highly qualified marketers. Ekarigori ensures your success by providing work of the highest quality.

Sajid Kabir Saji, 24, is an emerging entrepreneur and the creator of Ekarigori and Somewhereinearth. Optimistic about his chosen job, he possesses an exceptional business attitude, which speaks volumes about Ekarigori’s bright future.

Sajid places a premium on quality work and has recruited some very competent individuals to ensure that Ekarigori can assist customers in overcoming obstacles on their route to success. Sajid learns from his errors and never makes the same mistake again in his life, enabling him to amass enormous expertise in his field.

Sajid had a great deal of drive and expectations for his life as a child, despite the trials and obstacles he had to endure. This never ceased to be a source of fantasy for him. He is a Digital Marketing Expert, a young Bengali boy, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He is also the creator of Ekarigori, a game that is rapidly gaining popularity.

The rat race situation is all that matters now, and surviving the journey while juggling a slew of difficulties requires a new skill set that every entrepreneur should develop. Not just businesses, but even public personalities need a strong team to maintain a positive rapport with their audience.

Ekarigori resolves this issue by doing a thorough analysis of your organization’s difficulties and developing master plans to ensure that you recoup every cent of your investment as well as the profits generated by your business.

Ekarigori has outlined the difficulties that individuals with exceptional personalities and budding entrepreneurs encounter during their growing phase of life.

You may count on us if you wish to reach the pinnacle of your achievement. Please visit to learn more about Ekarigori.


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