How CSR Programs Benefit Children?

As a society, it is our duty to contribute to its welfare. Society consists of people from every class, and from welfare we mean access to basic commodities which help lead a normal life.

Some of us, in some or the other way, make our contribution to the interest of the society but is that really enough to bring a change at large scale? There are many untouched areas where we have been unable to make an enormous impact due to a lack of awareness or less focus. Here, we are trying to move your focus to Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), a condition that affects the structure of the baby’s heart and the way it works.

In India, more than 200,000 children are born with the defect and every 1 out of 5 children need early intervention in the first year of life to avoid serious problems. There are NGOs that are working towards helping underprivileged kids to afford life-saving interventions with the help of CSR support for children. Each surgery costs more than 1,50,000, and varies from hospital to hospital and from the types of treatment required.

Affording these surgeries can be a big concern for many families, especially in cases of rural areas where people struggle to meet the bare minimum. This is where the non-profit organizations come into the picture where they help these people afford treatment costs and with their early intervention, they help the kid’s heart beat again.

Role of CSR in battling Congenital Heart Defects (CHD)

Corporate Social Respoinsibility (CSR) funds have always been a blessing for CHD-diagnosed kids. Because of the considerable amounts donated by them, it is made possible to treat kids at large. With their support, non-profit organizations around the country are able to help families who are in need of the intervention. Over the years, the contributions made by CSR donations have made a significant impact on many lives dotted across the country and the numbers go up every year.Β  Let’s understand CSR (corporate social responsibility) in more detail.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is mandatory as well as a social responsibility for corporate houses to donate funds for the welfare of society. Corporate houses can support the cause they believe in. With their support, non-profit organizations ensure they make the best use of their fund to make a social impact on society. Well, it does not only benefit the recipient but also the corporate houses who chose to donate. Here’s how it benefits them.

Improved Brand Image:- Corporates who donate or support these causes usually notice an improved brand image as it gives a message to the audience that the company is using their money for the benefit of common people as well.

Enhanced customer loyalty: Customers usually feel a sense of attachment to the brand that supports a cause. It inculcates a feeling that their expenditure money will be used for a good cause and hence result in customer loyalty for the brand.

Tax Benefit: Last but not least is the tax benefit. Companies that donate their money to non-profit organizations are exempt from tax deductions.

Impact of Β CSR support for children:

Children Education:- There are multiple programs run by organizations that support children’s education to empower them so that they can shape a better future. With CSR donations, the school administration utilizes their money to make their space more hygienic, and make more facilities available such as transportation, labs, better curriculum, etc.

Children’s Health:- There are many health conditions that require costly intervetions which most families find unaffordable. Corporate funds are used for such a life-saving surgery and CHDΒ  is one such example.

Sports: To give a chance to children who are good at sports, corporate donations have played a huge role. Children from rural areas get access to play on a district or city level without any barrier of resources, which is possible only because of Corporate donations.

CSR Support for children has immensely helped children coming from underiviliged backgrounds. It ensures that every child gets access to healthcare facilities, basic education, and other basic necessities to lead a sustainable life.

If you want to make a corporate donation and are looking out for a non-profit organization that works in the field of helping underprivileged children, then you can reach out to the Genesis Foundation, (hyperlink to erbsite) an NGO working towards helping underprivileged children born with a congenital heart defect get life-saving interventions without worrying about the financial resources.


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