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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Taking off with Hawaiian Airlines is the start of an adventure infused with the essence of Hawaii, not just a flight. It’s essential to comprehend Hawaiian Airlines’ Baggage Policy if you want to make sure your trip is as easy and enjoyable as possible. This thorough guide will help you plan ahead and prevent any last-minute surprises by taking you through every facet of Hawaiian Airlines’ baggage policy.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy: An Overview

In this section, travellers get a bird’s-eye view of the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy. It covers the essential aspects such as the number of bags allowed, size and weight limits for both carry-on and checked baggage, and general rules that apply to all baggage. This overview of the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy serves as a quick checklist for travellers to ensure they meet the basic requirements before heading to the airport.

Detailed Breakdown of Carry-On Luggage Allowances

Understanding the carry-on luggage allowances under the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy is crucial for a comfortable flight. This part delves into the specifics, such as the size and weight limits of carry-on bags, what constitutes a personal item, and how to best utilise the space in your carry-on to pack efficiently. It also offers tips on how to navigate security checks smoothly with your carry-on luggage, in accordance with the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy.

Checked Baggage Policies

This comprehensive segment explains the checked baggage policies in detail. It includes the fees for different routes, how to calculate the weight limits, what happens if your bag exceeds these limits, and the process for checking in oversized or special luggage. It also provides advice on labelling and securing your checked baggage to ensure it arrives safely at your destination.

Special and Fragile Items: Packing and Handling

Travelling with special or fragile items requires extra care. This section provides guidance on how to pack electronics, artwork, musical instruments, and other delicate items. It includes tips on using the right packing materials, securing items inside the luggage, and labelling your bags to alert handlers of the fragile contents.

Sports Equipment: Specific Guidelines

For those passionate about sports and recreation, this part focuses on how to travel with sports equipment. It outlines the policies for transporting items like surfboards, ski equipment, and bicycles, including size and weight restrictions, packing requirements, and any additional fees.

Travelling with Pets: Baggage Policies

This section is a must-read for passengers travelling with pets. It covers the carrier requirements, fees, and documentation needed for pet travel. It also provides tips on how to prepare your pet for the flight, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Excess Baggage: Understanding Fees and Restrictions

Carrying more than the standard allowance can be complex. This part of the guide explains the fees associated with excess baggage, how these fees are calculated, and what restrictions apply. It also offers strategies for avoiding excess baggage fees, such as pre-purchasing additional allowance or optimising your packing.

International Travel: Country-Specific Baggage Rules

When flying to international destinations, baggage policies can vary. This section helps travellers understand the different baggage allowances and fees for international flights, including any country-specific rules and regulations that might affect how and what you can pack.

Seasonal Variations in Baggage Policy

During peak travel seasons, baggage policies might be adjusted to accommodate the higher volume of travellers. This part highlights the potential seasonal changes in the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, advising travellers on how to plan accordingly.

Baggage Insurance and Liability: What You Should Know

Understanding your rights and the airline’s liability in case of lost, damaged, or delayed baggage is crucial. This section explains the options for baggage insurance, the process for filing a claim, and what compensation you can expect in case of any issues with your luggage.

Tips for a Stress-Free Baggage Experience

Finally, this section provides practical tips and tricks for a hassle-free experience with your baggage. It includes advice on packing, dealing with baggage at the airport, and how to handle any baggage-related issues upon arrival at your destination.


Being well-informed about the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy is key to a stress-free travel experience. This guide aims to provide all the necessary information to help you navigate the policy with ease. Remember to always check the most current policy on the Hawaiian Airlines website before your flight.



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