Hashtag Jiban :- One eye sees, the other feels

  1. Who is this guy?  Who’s the artist?  Did he work hard?  Did he have talent?

He works hard and it worked, on selling his art. According to him. This guy is confused about his talent or not. But it works for him. Someone has accurately said, “Be willing, and you will be winning.

”A dream doesn’t become reality magically by itself; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. And this industrious is Mr. Jiban Ranjan Debata, who is better known as Hashtag Jiban. He is a youthful artist as well as an actor, who’s well-known for his music and photography skills. He was born on 22nd July 2000 and presently lives in Kuakhia, Jajpur, Odisha.

Jiban is one of those faces who always had the intention to do something and achieve in his life. Particularly, he desired to become a youth sensation from the beginning. Steadily and gradually, he began to show his attentiveness to video editing, photography, and most importantly, music. After a portion of time, he went ahead making his music, and in his own time, he made various lofi songs which went viral in no time, and gained much recognition!

When things started falling into place, Jiban, with his friends, set up his official team, went ahead working together, and named their group “TBC”, that is, “THE BOY’S CREATIVITY.” “TBC” is an Odia fresh music level, which was originally initiated by Hashtag Jiban, where only original music is produced by the team. On 20th June 2022, their first official Odia song was released, “To Deewana”, which premiered on “THE BOY’S CREATIVITY’S” YouTube channel. Formerly, there were no such Odia lofi songs in the Odia industry, but then, Hashtag Jiban happened to be the first one to produce several Odia lofi songs, which went viral among the public and gained much attention and love, which also available on all streaming platforms.

Jiban even has verified artist profiles on major platforms such as Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music, and much more.

Beginning as a typical artist with absolutely no sources, for making his lofi music, the story of Hashtag Jiban is inspiring as well as stimulating for sure!


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