GK Tahmid’s Story: Becoming One of The Most Popular Poet and Writers

GK Tahmid is a talented musician and acclaimed writer. GK Tahmid is best known for his music. His music has something to do with R&B and RAP music. On top of being an artist, he is a writer, actor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

GK Tahmid always wanted to try different than other people. This was the reason behind his success in the digital space. Similarly, he has learned much from the failures of his journey. It has helped him a lot since his early start. He also shared his approach and strategy for helping other people in the digital space.

He said about his progress in writing and publishing books, “Although I have a long-standing desire to write, I couldn’t start for personal reasons. At first I started my career as a music composer, but now I have a special respect as a writer.”

After being in the media industry for several years in various sectors, he set himself apart from everything due to some personal needs. He has been living in America for the last few years.

Everyone who succeeds is on the bucket list, but many forget to give back to the community and work for the welfare of the strugglers in their lives. GK Tahmid has pure soul. He believes in contributing to society and being an inspiration for the next generation.

According to GK Tahmid, “There is no secret to success and development because I believe that only one person can grow through hard work. When people see me living a luxurious life, they think it’s easy for me but the truth is I am every I work hard during the day. When most people maintain stature and comfort, I mean to study hard and build a network. ”

The success of GK Tahmid at a young age helps us understand that people are trying to help us get everything. We have a lot to learn from him. Each of us young people should know from GK Tahmid that everything is possible if people try.

GK Tahmid was asked if he wanted to work in Bangladesh’s media industry again after returning from America? He said that he would finish his unfinished music album and spend more time as an actor and writer once he returned to Bangladesh.

I am Raghab Islam, a freelance journalist. I love working freely. No compulsion is my choice.


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