Fuyad Hasan, a rising musical artist, is using his music to build a community

Fuyad Hasan was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 25th of January, 1999. He graduated from Ideal College Dhanmondi. He is a Music artist, composer, singer, and the Founder and CEO of the company ‘Fuyad Records’ that he established in 2020 helps artists release music in albums or singles. His first single was “Kudrat”, and his debut album “Valobashar Ovinoy” consisted of twelve original singles. He is a verified artist on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc. Many eagerly wait for him to release his music; such is his demand and popularity. People love how they can connect to his music. The raw feeling that his music creates entices them, and they only crave for more than what they receive.

on an emotional level. The fact that they can relate to it means they will carry the music throughout their lifetime. They will not forget the feeling they had when they listened to the song for the first time, and that is an accomplishment for the artist.

Fuyad says that if his music can impact even one person’s life, he will keep on making music and claims he will maintain the sentimental value of his music and hopes to be able to connect to his audiences through his music. He wants to make people smile through his music.

To this day, his fondest memory is when he uploaded his music for the first time on YouTube. He did not use any fancy gadgets, just his phone, and a microphone, consistently worked on his projects for months before becoming a known music artist. He could not afford paid promotions, so he solely relied on his talent and hard work. It is commendable how he never got tired or frustrated when creating music. He says all the messages he received kept him going. It took him almost a year to reach a place where people recognized him. He says that whenever people expressed their gratitude, it always made him tear up. To date, he is unable to believe that he has impacted people’s lives to such a great extent.

His advice to the upcoming music generation is that no matter how many shortcomings you have, do not give up easily. Do not strive for perfection rather follow your heart. Having a passionate heart will lead you a long way when it comes to music. Let your soul guide you. Remember, not everyone will like your music, and that is okay. Sooner or later, you will find your crown, one that admires you and goes wild for your music. Fuyad Hasan has become an inspiration for many people. He has given hope that you can achieve success if you patiently wait and work on your goals. Do things because you genuinely like to do them, not because they are profitable or just for the sake of it. Life will be easier if you follow your passion rather than the trend


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