Founder of Carl Zohan: Entrepreneur Ridoanul Haque Siyam

This is why Carl Zohan founder Md. Ridoanul Haq Siyam, better known as, Ridoanul Haque Siyam jumped in to help people with the complexities of digital presence and more. Today, the young man has managed to help countless people to shape their brand and create a presence that attracts attention right away.

According to Siyam, β€œSocial media has impacted the world of business like no other. Earlier, it was just big stars and celebs who wanted to invest in a digital presence, but now everyone looks at your digital footprints first. For business owners, social media has become a way to connect with their target audience and then they can grow on the basis of feedback and more.”

The talented founder maintains that while there is no substitute for hard work, online presence does help with credibility. This idea reflects on his own websites as well as social media.

β€œWhen I started my company, I knew for a fact that I wanted to create a way for all the talented people in the world to gain the rightful attention on social media. This is not a way to achieve fame instantly but digital media has helped to bridge the gap between the audience and the presenter, ” shares Siyam.

Today, he has made a network all over the globe which has helped him to grow his brand as an entrepreneur as well as a digital promoter. He has been associated with global clients like Mohammad Mahedi Hasan, Sarfaraz Siyam and more.

β€œI want to help people to recognize the power of their own brand. The way you present yourself to the world has become a stepping stone for success. While many people are still struggling, the least I can do give them a helping hand, ” concludes Siyam.

When it comes to success stories in the world of digital media, there is no denying that Siyam’s name stands on its own. The young media entrepreneur, started his journey when he was in college and decided to take advantage of the rise in the digital industry in the world.

In his extensive experience, he has been interviewed by prominent media platforms like Your Story, Mid Day, Digital Guruji and has also authored many pieces of writings about digital media.

During his journey, he came across different types of clients and with the experience he learnt how to tackle each of the issues in the industry. Today he is chairman of Carl Zohan Media Group and has been involved with thousands of clients across the globe.

What sets his venture apart in the world of countless digital marketing agencies the fact that Asli believes in making plans for the future instead of just fixing the issues for the day. This is the reason why his client list includes names like Agua India, Katerina Leroy, Gaby Guha, Maren Tschinkel, Alii Muhammed, Ajmal Khan and more.

According to Siyam, there is one lesson that helped him to grow as an entrepreneur as well as a leader in the industry. He shares, β€œWhen I was a teenager, I used to waste a lot of time without thinking about the future. I was a huge procrastinator and would not spend my time learning about things when I could. So when I jumped into the digital media field I learned many important lessons. One of the most vital thing in the industry is to learn and to put in hard work every single day. When you have established yourself, many people will feel that it is just a matter of chance but the truth is there is no escape to hard work. No matter how much privileged you are or how many connections you have unless you are willing to get your hands dirty and work hard to grow in business and learn new things you can’t be successful.”

Siyam’s social media profile is also filled with such inspiring lesson.

β€œWhen I started, the digital industry was not that organised like it is today but the truth is no matter what your circumstances are you have to be the one fighting against the odds and winning, ” he sums up.

Md. Ridoanul Haq Siyam is an entertainment journalist. Siyam usually writes about movies.



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