Engjiz Branded Dropshipping Course – Review Best Dropshipping course in 2021?

There is a great chance that you may have heard of Engjiz and his amazing results with his 20+ worldwide brands and this drove you to make the decision that you will try out branded drop shipping.

There is hardly anyone in the dropshipping world that doesn’t know of Engjiz and his amazing results that drive everyone crazy when they hear about it!…

But what’s actually doing and teaching? What’s the truth behind his branded drop shipping course which you can get it as well?

We have decided to look at Engjiz courses on branded dropshipping that could go a long way to turn your net worth around.

Today, we are going to do a Engjiz review.

Take a ride with us.

When people hear of internet businesses, they tend to think all of them are scam. We do not blame them because many of them have fallen for scams online.

To help you make the right choice, we will analyze the whole Engjiz business and get you a more clear vision about everything!

Apart from that, we will see if the courses can usher you into your dream of earning 7 figures.

As we analyze this course, we will look at the Engjiz details, the overview and so on.

When you are done, you can decide whether you should go for Engjiz’s courses or look elsewhere.

1. Engjiz: who is he?

We want to have a Engjiz review to see if he is legit or merely is all talk and no walk.

Engjiz the Instagram Celebrity which has become very famous and in one way the face of E-Commerce in Dubai.

Engjiz is a Serial Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Multiple Brand Founder. He started his own career when he discovers he had a passion for Internet & eCommerce in his youth he was a Fashion Model, which helped him a lot to discover the internet more and have more knowledge for social media.

While in high school he became interested in entrepreneurs. However, he found that formal schooling does not suit his taste and he soon dropped out of high-school to pursue his career full time. He has since become an influencer, and entertainer, with several thousands of subscribers and followers on Youtube and Instagram and thousands of listeners as a podcaster. He was gifted with the talent of having acreative mindset and was always itching to create more in different settings. While attending High School and working with different companies, he landed his first internship with Comscore, where he learned about the industry firsthand. ‘For someone who came from such a small country and surroundings, it was a huge job, he says.

If we go through his Instagram we will come to know that Engjiz has over 190,000 followers and this is very attractive for the audience in his Instagram account.

Engjiz made a big online presence around the world when he started to show his luxury lifestyle and started showing the world that everything can be possible in today’s world with the internet! Likewise, he started to show how he was able since high school to get into creating and being a CEO and Founder of multiple brands and how he was able to reach a point of success as he has today

What Is Dropshipping? 🤔

For a lot of you which are new and don’t know what (Dropshipping) is we are going to tell you before we talk about Engjiz course more.

Dropshipping is a method of e-commerce where an online store sells products to consumers, but the product moves directly from the wholesaler to the final consumer without being handled or stored by the retailer (You).

A drop-shipper could be a manufacturer, distributor, or other supplier. You don’t have to buy your products  upfront or pay for somewhere to store them. You don’t have to manufacture anything yourself.
All you need to do is build an online store that sells well and make sure your fulfillment process is running  smoothly. 

2. Engjiz course

Engjiz course is called “Dropshipping SuperStar” and is made up with 65+ videos.

This is NOT just another online course that gives you access to a few random video lessons and that you only log in once and then forget about.

Dropshipping Superstar gives you access to an online platform and a mobile app with 60+ videos and 7 different modules in which you‘ll learn the exact strategies that Engjiz students and Engjiz used to get millions of dollars with this business model.

You will have a step-by-step blueprint that you can simply follow and use to build your own branded store with these proven and tested strategies.
This is the exact system that Engjiz used to generate over $5,000,000 in sales in 2 years from scratch.

2.1. Engjiz course curriculum

Engjiz course contains over 8 modules:

Note – The prices shown below is not the price of the course but the value that he was on the course!

  • 1. Superstar Mindset (Value $997)
  • 2. Dropshipping 101 (Value $1997)
  • 3. Branding Blueprint (Value $997)
  • 4. Shopify Blackbox (Value $3997)
  • ​5. Social Media Secrets (Value $997)
  • 6. FB Ads Domination (Value $1497)
  • 7. Grow You Brand With TikTok (Value $1800)
  • 8. Grow Your Brand With Instagram (Value $3000

These are the 8 modules which Engjiz has on the course or you can take a look at the image below:

Is Engjiz Course (Dropshipping SuperStar) Legit?

Now, let’s get something straight.

Does Engjiz know dropshipping?


Can you learn it with THIS COURSE?


What Makes Dropshipping Superstar So Powerful?


Engjiz and his team turned the guesswork of starting and growing a brand on Shopify into a science. With Dropshipping Superstar, you’ll get practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and you’ll be able to track your progress using reliable metrics.


To make sure that everyone who joins Dropshipping Superstar gets results, They developed an easy step-by-step blueprint that is literally so easy to replicate, that even your Grandma could use it to build a brand on Shopify and to make money with it.


Engjiz and his team done dropshipping for over 6 years, worked with business owners and entrepreneurs from all around the world, and he used the strategies that you´ll learn inside Dropshipping Superstar to grow multiple successful businesses and to make millions of dollars.

1.4. First-Class Support

No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Having a mentor simply accelerates your learning curve and gives you a higher chance of success. That’s why you’ll have 24/7 access to Engjiz and his team through a private V.I.P private discord and Telegram channel where you can ask them anything anytime. (WE LOVED THIS FEATURE) – Not all the courses have this.

 2. Engjiz Students Success And Amazing Results

We all know taking a course in 2021 can be risky as there is a lot of stuff that goes around the world right now and as we said it can be SCARY to be scammed or even worse NOT MAKE ANY MONEY!…

But this Engjiz course is totally the different case, his student’s results are some of the most amazing we have seen so far from all drop shippers around the world!

Take a look for your self the results speaks for it self as we better like to say:


Do We Recommend To Buy This Course?

Final answer is YES!

If you are trying to get a high income skill online this course will definitely be on your favor and you will learn more and everything you need to know on how to BECOME A FOUNDER AND CEO of a brand in 2021!

Is dropshipping easy?

Is dropshipping easy?

Now that we are done analyzing Engjiz courses and how he is worth 7 figures, let us look at the ease of making money via dropshipping.

The truth is that no internet business is easy.

If you want to succeed in this aspect, you need to be ready to do the work compared to some other online businesses.

If you stroll to YouTube, you will see many people claiming that they make so much monthly from dropshipping, but is that the truth?

Some do, but the majority are not telling the truth.

What some of these people do is to create good videos that they upload on YouTube, lie about what their results are, then send people to pay a lot for their courses.

Thankfully, Engjiz seems to not be one of them.

Like earlier mentioned, some make the money through dropshipping.

Others lie.

Those in the latter group usually make a lot of money from selling their courses.

If you have decided that dropshipping is the one for you, you need to put in the work.

  • You will start by looking for awesome products that sell quickly and create the perfect descriptions for them. You will also have to get quality pictures of these products.
  • You are expected to make ads on different social media pages to attract attention to your products. Ads can be placed on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. Before you can create ads, you will have to spend money. It is not easy to earn money from dropshipping without spending your money initially.
  • You may have to deal with issues like shipping times. Most times, dropshipping is done from China. What this means is that it will take over a month before what was ordered is shipped.
  • Apart from the above, you also have to handle issues like returns and payments.
  • There is the customer service aspect that you have to handle too.

Dropshipping is a lucrative business if you have the will to pull off the above effectively.

But thanks to Engjiz’s course now you can become a founder of a brand knowing the fact that he will explain and teach you everything you need to know from A-Z!..


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