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Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs Shovon Ahmed and Tasnimul Rafi. Who jointly created the Raw Marketer brand on June 20, 2021. It is an online media organization or a news portal. They write about entrepreneurship success, business, health, politics, socio-economic issues.

Shovon Ahmed said, their motto is “Connect with your community”. His goal is to promote the business to the desired community or to inspire young people. How to be a young entrepreneur is his role.

On the other hand, Tasnimul Rafi, CEO of Raw Marketer Organization, he was asked where did you get this name (Raw Marketer) or why did you give this name?

Tasnimul Rafi : “I choose names that are thought of by young entrepreneurs and businessmen,” he said. This means a very clear “raw marketer”. Where people get ideas about success, business, entrepreneurship and health.

Recently, Shovon Ahmed, the owner of Raw Marketer, said that they have started offering some services through their organization. Such as – Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, Press Releases & Google Knowledge Panel services etc. I’ve at all times been very all for what makes individuals and their firms Raw Marketer.

This curiosity helped me construct one of many Quickest Rising Personal Corporations in Bangladesh. Raw Marketer in addition is what gave me the concept to start the positioning, in its present kind.

I discovered that lots of info on the market was conservative in each idea, content material, and elegance.

I needed to start out a web site that gave a unique perspective at what really makes firms Raw Marketer. I needed to offer unconventional enterprise and entrepreneurial knowledge that will assist individuals develop companies like I’ve been lucky to have the ability to do, speed up their careers and develop their manufacturers quickly, whereas doing it in a aware manner. Fortuitously, I’ve constructed an unimaginable community that was all extraordinarily profitable within the conventional sense and shared this need to offer unconventional knowledge with others.

Shovon Ahmed said – Raw Marketers will one day be the world’s largest online service. (Insha Allah) He is constantly working hard. We appreciate their efforts and hard work.

Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman
Passionate writer & senior editor of Influencive


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