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CBD for Period Pains – Hempistani


People use cannabidiol (CBD) for several things, including pain alleviation. Even while research on CBD’s capacity to reduce pain is still in its early stages, what we know so far is encouraging. Menstrual cramps and other period-related symptoms including headaches, lower back pain, and sore breasts may be lessened by CBD since it may help to decrease inflammation and chronic pain.

Conventional menstrual cramps medicine may end up causing unwanted effects like stomach pains. An increasingly popular choice for pain management is CBD-based medicines. Despite the lack of research on CBD’s ability to effectively treat pain, several studies suggest that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, those who suffer from menstruation cramps may find a use for CBD Products.

About Menstrual Pain

Period discomfort or dysmenorrhea are other names are generally used for menstrual pain. A combination of symptoms known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may appear a week or two before a person’s period.

Menstrual pain symptoms may start because of hormonal changes, although the exact reason why this happens is still unknown. Menstrual pain can vary in intensity, but for some people, it can be so bad that it affects their everyday activities.

Role of CBD in Easing Menstrual Pain

Cannabis may be useful for treating both acute and chronic pain, according to a 2019 review of studies on CBD as a treatment for PMS, and CBD and cannabis may be effective in treating symptoms that are comparable to those of PMS.

While Hemp can be used in various forms, Hemp seeds and oil might just be the most effective form of CBD to reduce menstrual pain. The symptoms for the same are very likely caused by sensitivity to the hormone prolactin. This is where Hemp seeds and oil come in, Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a compound found in Hemp seeds and oil provides for reduction in the effects of the aforementioned pain causing prolactin.

One can also go for a CBD infused bath by using a CBD soap, to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation to the womb, resulting in less period pain or one can try a CBD Tampon, when used, the tampons activate cannabinoid receptors within the female genital organ, reducing the inflamation, which causes pain.

Products like Wholeleaf’s Menstrual pain relief or Hempstrol’s Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil, which can work wonders with regard to reducing relieving pain and inflammation all the while reducing belly bloating.


CBD is amazing when it comes to solving any issues like bodily pain or mental uneasiness, both of which are a part and parcel of menstrual pain. Considering the ongoing research on how CBD helps in easing period pain, we are sure that CBD products might just be the best option to making each month painless.


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