Braces and How to Pick the Best Color

The concept of choosing braces color may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s actually very simple once you get the hang of it. The basic rule of thumb is to pick a color that’s as close to your natural teeth color as possible, and the best way to do this is by using the braces color wheel, shown below. By using this chart, you can find the perfect match for your teeth!


What are braces made of?

They are typically made from metal, clear plastic or ceramic. Metal is used for brackets, ceramic for teeth-colored brackets and clear plastic for ligatures that are tied around wire. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Metal is strong but can discolor over time. Ceramic can be very attractive but might chip easily in high-stress areas. Clear plastic looks good on young patients with tetracycline staining but is usually only used temporarily until permanent teeth have come in; when it’s used as a permanent option, it will eventually discolor too because of heat buildup inside your mouth as you eat hot foods or drink hot liquids.


Brace colors

Choosing a color for your braces can be tough, especially since it may not be something you think about very often. However, when your braces are visible (for example, if you smile for a photo or talk in front of people), you’ll want them to blend into your teeth. In some cases, a particular color might enhance or clash with your teeth—and that may matter more than simply wanting them out of sight. So how do you choose? Here are some factors to consider when choosing what color to go with


Popular colors of braces

Depending on your skin tone, you may prefer a particular color for your braces. For example, if you’re particularly fair-skinned, you might want something more subdued that won’t draw as much attention. If you have darker skin, brighter colors will stand out more against your teeth. If any of these options pique your interest, reach out to a reputable orthodontist in Parkersburg or Marietta who can offer more details about each one.


Important considerations when selecting a color

While many people think color is a minor factor when it comes to picking a shade of braces, they are very wrong. There are several things that you must keep in mind when choosing a color. For example, your skin tone, hair color and eye color have an impact on what you should pick out. In addition, each kind of braces (i.e., metal or clear) has its own look which means different colors work better for them than others.


Final Thoughts on Choosing The Right Color

It’s not just about you. Sure, you may think that white or clear braces would look better on your teeth. However, keep in mind that your orthodontist wants you to have better oral health as well. White braces are nearly invisible but they are also prone to staining; Clear braces don’t stain, but they also make it very obvious when something is stuck between your teeth (like a piece of food or a toothpick) because they reflect light. If you aren’t diligent with your brushing routine while wearing clear braces, they could get discolored pretty quickly due to plaque buildup.


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