Biography of young Bangladeshi journalist Atif Rasel

Atif Rasel is the first young honest and courageous journalist of Bangladesh’s electronic and daily newspaper.

He is now a well-known face in Bangladesh. He has a good reputation as a journalist. He is a true and courageous journalist. His writings are very popular among the people of Bangladesh.I work in secret and do not give my name in my published news. I hope to give Bangladesh something new in the future. I have been thinking of doing something good since I was very young so I entered the profession of journalism first. Journalism can never be silent: it is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. So I ask for your help.


Atif Rasel was born in Bhunapur, Tangail district. He started his education from a government primary school in Chitulia. He completed his SSC from Matikata High School Science Department. He then passed HSC from Ibrahimi Khan Government College, Department of Science. From a young age he wanted to be a journalist. Then Ibrahimi Khan was admitted to the degree of Government University.


While studying in 10th class, he started working in international crime report children’s journalism. After working for 11 months, he joined the daily Third Dimension. He made his debut as a third level reporter of the daily in 2016. Then he became quite popular as a young journalist. In 2020, Daily Kaljayi joined as Tangail correspondent. He is now the familiar face of Saba. Then in 2021 he joined the Daily Kaljayi as a special correspondent.

Birth and family:

Atif Rasel was born on 15 February 2001 in Bhunapur, Tangail. Atif Rasel’s father’s name is Abdul Roshid and mother’s name is Khaleda Begum. Rasel’s are two brothers and sisters. Atif Rasel’s father is a farmer from Matikata village in Bhunapur upazila of Tangail district, and his mother is a housewife. Atif Rasel has a total of 2 siblings, among whom he is the younger, elder sister named Rashida khatun.

Personal details:

Atif Rasel is currently 20 years old, although he is not yet married. He is now focusing only on their destination. We also don’t get any information about Atif Rasel love.

Atif Rasel (আতিফ রাসেল) (Born, 15 February 2001, Tangail, Bangladesh) is a Bangladeshi journalist.


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