Best Places to Visit in Detroit for Attractions

Lying on the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair’s northwest bank from Lake Huron to Erie, the largest city in Michigan is Detroit. Downtown Detroit is accessible at the water’s edge and impeccable with numerous outdoor activities, cuisine courts, shop clues, and fascinating streets like Greektown.

The Dearborn Neighborhood is one of the best places to explore and admire scenic beauty. And it is most prominent for its collaboration with an automotive legend like Henry Ford. Detroit is home to many ethnic communities with a great fusion of Arab-American citizenship, including exceptional options for Middle Eastern dining.

Suburban Oakland is one of the most-visited streets sheltering the Detroit Zoo and is renowned for its upscale shops and cafés. Outlying communities include Detroit’s “Eastside” of Macomb, comprehended for its marinas, and the modern Greater Noni district, with its golf courses & recreational installations. Doesn’t it sound influential? If yes, you can choose Emirates Airlines booking for a fast travel experience.

Bucket List Places to Visit in Detroit

Here is the list of the best places around the destinations. The Lonely Planet has declared and given the tag of ultimate destination in 2018 to Detroit.

Whether you visit any of the best places mentioned below, you will be liable to seek unusual experiences e to your weekend in Detroit. All the places have special offers to charm the people with impeccable sights and adventures.

Motown Museum

However, it might sound like a garage. It is so because the museum was a garage before being the Legendary Studio A. It’s a recording studio where many legends like the King of Pop and Michael Jackson have been recording their music. These days, it’s a museum tributing the legend infinitely for their contribution to the music industry. If you’re a music lover and want to listen to the original version, you should spot this excursion, although it’s payable and allowed only with the authorized guide to take a tour of this place.

Furthermore, the amazing fact about this museum is, it’s soundproof and greatly isolated. While strolling across the Motown Museum, you will be liable to discover the collection of instruments and musical equipment at the time of legendaries.

The most important thing to consider about the excursion of this place, no photographs are acceptable. Instead of that, if anyone carries their camera and starts photography, they are liable to submit the camera.

Mexican Town

There’s a great reason behind this title. There are two major reasons behind one of Detroit has become Mexican. Growing job opportunities due to the rapid wide-spreading industrial base was the first reason for the Mexicans. To move to Detroit. The other reason for Mexicans in Detroit is the heavy crisis of food and jobs and many more in Mexico due to 1910. Since that revolution, the Mexican people have adopted the city as their new home. Detroit’s southwest is occupied thoroughly with Mexican eateries and shops. If you want to cherish the Mexican treats in Detroit, you should head out to Mexican Town.

Henry Ford Museum

Detroit’s diary is incomplete without mentioning the title-Henry Ford. He was the person who discovered the Model T in 1908 and updated the transportation system for the people. Whatever he did on a national as well as globally was like a great revolution. However, it won’t be possible for Detroit to achieve what it has today all because of him. The Museum is the legendary tribute to Ford for his most impeccable innovation. Therefore stands as an establishment representing American innovations.

The Museum is beyond the memories of Ford. It’s not the largest Museum only in Detroit but also throughout the USA. Here you can find the various Ford collections. If you are interested in exploring the beginning of ford as well as its collection, you should spot the Henry Ford Museum.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is one of the best places to explore that you can discover on driving from Detroit to the south. It is one of the Great Lakes extensions that flow across Michigan. Lake Erie is renowned for its exciting treats like fishing, especially the walleye and golden perch. Even though exploring any month throughout the year is pleasing, it would be plentiful to plan a trip to this place in the summer.

The stretches of Lake Erie facilitate the people with multiple numbers of amazing attractions like museums, parks, and adventures so that none would be bored while enjoying the trip.

Bathing, Swimming, and boating are some beachside treats you can enjoy throughout this place.

Belle Isle

The Belle Isle is popular for aquatic life that can be discovered at Casino and Museum. It’s 5KM long, lying on a 982-spanning park, Beautiful Island. To cherish the experience of this place without interruption, you should spot this place during summers that start in May and end in September. The island has great things to facilitate the people. One can enjoy exciting outdoor treats from the conservatory to Museums and Casinos to Aquarium.

Belle Isle encompasses the third world’s largest and oldest aquarium in the USA. Furthermore, you can choose cycling or driving through the bridge if you are not interested in glimpsing marine beauty. Although, you should ensure that you carry your passport Recreation Passport while planning for the drive through this island.

Detroit Zoo

However, a zoo refers only to the inhabitant home to the wild creatures on the earth. But all are not similar to each other. So, it would be better if you visited Detroit Zoo and learned more than your knowledge about the wildlife. Only by spotting this attraction would you know how many animals of various species are on the earth. Rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and lions, are some of the exotic wild collections of Detroit that you can glimpse in this zoo.

A free-flight aviary, butterfly garden, and reptile conservation center sheltering various frogs, snake breeds, and turtles are the other level of attractions that you can discover rather than witnessing the outdoor wild creatures. If you are on tour with your kids, you should surely add this place to your bucket list while planning the trip to Detroit.

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Things to Do in Detroit

We could better understand how boring it could be for you to plan a weekend without any activity. To eliminate such concerns, we are here with a list of outdoor activities you can enjoy across the city.

  • Enjoying the sightseeing dining
  • Discovering Ford collections
  • Swimming and fishing
  • Enjoying the wonderful glimpse of the aquatic life
  • Exploring the legendary memories of musicians.
  • Cycling and driving

Which are the Best and Budget Friendly Stay-inns in Detroit?

Below are the stay-ins where you can spend your days and nights until the weekends are over.

  • Hotel Indigo Detroit Downtown
  • Red Roof Inn Detroit Dearborn/Greenfield Village
  • Comfort Inn Near Greenfield Village

Alternative Guest Rooms at Different Range

Given our other stay-ins, you can choose to stay in Detroit until you are done with your trip.

Mid-range Stay-inns

  • The Inn on Ferry Street
  • Fort Pontchartrain Detroit, a Wyndham Hotel
  • Doubletree Detroit Downtown – Fort Shelby

Luxury Hotels

  • Aloft Detroit at The David Whitney
  • MGM Grand Detroit
  • Westin Book Cadillac
  • Best Time to Go to the Detroit

When is the Best Time to Visit Detroit?

From the end of spring to the beginning of fall is the perfect time to plan and explore Detroit. During this period, the temperatures are the most generous. The destination remains chilled during winter, including moderate snow during the winter season. Between June and August, Detroit remains rushed. Due to the heavy rush to Detroit during those days, the fare of hotel rooms became higher.


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