Bangladeshi youngest musical artist Aronabho Ghosh

Aronabho Ghosh is the youngest musical artist & young writer from Bangladesh

Aronabho Ghosh
Aronabho Ghosh

Aronabho Ghosh is a young Entrepreneur, Musician, and founder of Etc It. Aronabho Ghosh was born on (30 December 2003) at the Kishoreganj district of Dhaka division of Bangladesh. One such man is Aronabho who holds expertise in various social media marketing and digital marketing skillsets. The surge of the internet has given platforms like social media, which seemed to have engaged many. India alone has a user base of more than 700 million people and many have redefined the virtual space to pursue their dreams in a big way. One of the social media platforms is YouTube which has allowed people to share their skills and honored talents in an innovative way.

He shares his knowledge with his friends and fans and has helped many to resolve their technical issues with his videos on YouTube. Originally known as Fahim Ahmed, he offers some of the best reviews on gadgets, shares the latest tech news, tips on digital marketing and SEO, unboxing gadgets, carrying out different youtube tutorials, jotting down the blogging things, and many more about youtube channels or websites.

He has emerged as the youngest and talented YouTuber who is known for his expertise in various technical issues. He guides and shares his ideas with his people. He has emerged as an inspiration for many for his exceptional skills and ideas. He is skilled in presenting his ideas the best in his tech-based videos where he shares a lot about subjects like digital marketing, SEO tips, gadget reviews, blogging and YouTube tutorials, blogging, social media tips, and tricks, and many more.

Aronabho Ghosh is a musician and entrepreneur. During the current epidemic, Aronabho along with his friends started a company called “Etc It”. Here all the work of social media is done. “I believe in my work,” said Aronabho founder of “Etc It”. Aronabho Ghosh learned the various parts in music-related and he was introduced to the music industry to launch his first soundtrack “Fuck Money” on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Tidal, JioSavan, Pandora, and some other music streaming platforms. Aronabho Ghosh is a self-published author and has published several books on website design, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.



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