Baashe Delta is creating a good buzz around the music industry.


Baashe Delta is a young Somali Artist and singer from Germany. He posted one of his songs “Najma” on YouTube. Which gave them a very good reputation. His real name is also Baashe Ahmad Jaama.

He is a famous musician by this name has a record label of kkurbo studio which is gaining a different reputation.

Baashe Delta was born on May 10, 2002 in Germany

Baashe Delta is currently 19 years old. Even though he is 19 years old, he has gained a lot of fame in the field of music, at this age Baashe Delta is an inspiration for young boys who want to develop in the field of music or on social media. which they founded themselves.

Baashe Delta had a keen interest in music since childhood. Baashe Delta didn’t have to learn music from an institution or anyone. This quality was received by them in gifts from God. And this music plays an important role in their lives. Because he has reached such a point at this time by working very hard in the field of music. Where he has become an inspiration for musicians of his age. Baashe Delta, if he does any work, he does it with discipline and dedication.

Baashe Delta says this too! A person who does not value time cannot be a successful person in life.

If we talk apart from this, then he is very fond of traveling to Baashe Delta, he is very fond of going to a new place and knowing about it. He likes to read books in his spare time and enjoy life by his own rules. As an artist, he is a good person and a boy with a cute personality.

Baashe Delta is very cute in appearance. And he remains the subject of discussion because of his innocence. Recently, such a Baashe Delta has been verified on many music platforms like Spotify, Jio Saavn, Resso etc. And they have also got the verification batch on all these platforms. Even after achieving all these successes, he continues to get further success in the field of music with hard work. His aim is to bring his name to the limelight all over the world and to gain fame as a musician all over the world.


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