Best selling album of all timeThe music industry is all about sales. Maybe not in terms of artists, but one has to sell records to keep making records. Of course, the position of the best-selling record is something that all musicians would like to achieve. Awards such as The Grammys or The World Music Awards were created to celebrate artists who have achieved high standards in their music careers.View of music salesTo understand the phenomenal success of the best-selling album of all time, we must first look at album sales. In the world of music sales, it is considered a great achievement for an artist to sell 20 million copies of their album because it more than makes up the budget. Most artists consider themselves lucky if they have sold 10 million or more copies of their album. This would be a great achievement for any artist to be proud of.The current best album in the world was released in 1982. Almost 40 years ago and no album has managed to outsell this album to this day. This does not necessarily mean that the artists are good or bad. Trending songs this week There are many things to consider as to why an album sold a certain amount of copies. Things like the year the album was sold, market trend, selected audience, album marketing, and even things like music videos can all contribute to album sales.The King of PopThe best selling album of all time is none other than Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. The album has sold about 47.3 million copies worldwide. This is an astronomical achievement for any music artist and in almost 40 years he has never been able to dethrone this number one spot. In 1982, the entire earth's population was about 4.5 billion people. It's phenomenal to think that over 47 million people have bought the album.One of the reasons why the album was so successful was the great marketing skills of Epic Records, who signed the artist. In general, it takes about six months to launch and launch. Epic spent two years getting everyone on board with the idea of ​​this album. Instead of having different release dates around the world, they opted for one single release date worldwide. On November 30, 1982, the album was to be released. If you would like one of these canvas album covers, Personalized by Kate can make it for you.Breakthroughs in musicMore than two years later, due to the astronomical amount of work that went into marketing the album, Epic was still selling about a million copies of the album per month. But marketing and good music were not the only two reasons for success.

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