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Tips For Using a Pressure Cooker
The highest rated pressure cooker is beneficial to cook quick meals, especially it helps you save a lot of money on the electricity bill. This model is a healthy cooking method, retaining nutrients from your foods. However, you can still maximize the performance by applying the following tips for using a pressure cooker:
Read the instructions
The different pressure cookers have different notes. Make sure to read the instructions before using your pressure cooker. If you let it work improperly, it's straightforward to cause some safety problems.
Check your pressure cooker regularly
Even if you own good pressure cooker on the market, remember to check it on a regular basis to keep it in good and clean condition. If any part of the pressure cooker is worn, you can buy replacements from suppliers. In particular, you should replace the rubber gasket frequently for a good seal. Also, the valves need to be free from debris.
Brown your food
Most pressure cooked contents don't brown. Thus, if you want to eat brown foods, doing this before cooking with your pressure cooker. You can add some spices such as garlic and onions to enjoy a cut of more tasty meat.
Liquid matters
Any pressure cooker works with steam. Thus, before using, make sure that your model has sufficient liquid. The instructions will let you know how much cooking liquid you need to add for each pressure cooker recipe. If you want to try a conventional recipe, you can decrease the liquid content. However, be sure to provide enough recommended amount.
Don't overfill
When checking the inside of the pressure cooker, you will see a minimum and maximum marks. Pay attention not to exceed these. Specifically, don't fill over 2/3rds full of the pressure cooker and over half full of liquids.
If you overfill these marks, the content will be ejected from the pressure release valve. In this messy case, let you take apart the parts and clean them thoroughly.
Why do you need to leave room in the pot?
It is because the steam will build up to facilitate cooking.
Release the pressure
You can apply three following methods to release steam:
- Turn the model off to release in its own time. This choice is ideal for casseroles.
- Turn the pressure release valve to let the hot steam rush out. Remember to wear a pair of oven gloves. It would help if you chose this cook option for indelicate dishes.
- Put the pressure cooker under a cold tap. This solution suits easy-to-be-overcooked dishes like fishes and vegetables.
You can save a lot of time with the last 2 options.
If you force the lid open, you may get burnt. It would be best if you chose a modern pressure cooker, which has safety features. In case you are in a hurry, let you place your model under the cold tap. You can open the lid when the indicator drops, and the cover can come off easily.
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In general, you have to read the instructions from the manufacturer to use your pressure cooker properly. Remember to check the model regularly to fix any problem in time. If you know other tips to use best pressure cooker with the best performance, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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