Shishir Ashad

Shishir Ashad is a International writer, entrepreneur, and editor of the daily news portal thebdtribune24, also he is best known as the founder of DU Mentors.From an early age, Shishir wanted to do something like his own, in that continuity he started his career as a teacher. Then he started his entrepreneurial life in 2016 and launched DU Mentors in 2018. He is currently a professional writer who believes in hard work, self-esteem, and change with every moment of technology. The book GK Master is the first publication of his writing life. He puts all his efforts to get the best results from his work. Shishir does not limit his own knowledge to just him, he provides it through online classes at his institution. Shishir always supports people with his new ideas, those who need advice, those who are interested in doing something new. He firmly believes that the goal is not just to enjoy, but to do what is needed to reach the goal. Because of these small qualities of his, he is more popular among the youth of the country.

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