Sakib Rafsan Records

Sakib Rafsan Records is a Bangladeshi digital marketing agency, Founded by Sakib Rafsan Bangladeshi Entrepreneur and Digital marketer in 2018. Their head office is located at Narail, Dhaka. Sakib Rafsan Records Will Provide You YouTube Artist Channel, Distribute Your Music Or Top music streaming platforms, Release Your PR articles on high authority news websites promotes brands, pages, and influencers on social media with over 150 million social media networks. The company promises to help people by providing services like Content Creation, Verification Service, Instagram Campaign, Social Media Campaign, and Articles Publishing. Not only that the company also publishes paid articles in National and International News. They also help Celebrities or Brand Entrepreneurs to get verified on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The company fulfills the expectations of people by providing help by various artists, designers, social butterflies, writers, photographers, and strategists and they all are led by the Founder of the company, Sakib Rafsan.

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