Plexus Energy Ltd

Plexus Energy is a leading provider of grid tie solar power systems in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialise in providing high-quality 10 to 15 kW Grid Tie Solar Systems to homes and businesses in and around Nairobi. We're on a mission to empower homes and businesses with the best grid tie solar systems that not only save them money but also make the world a better place.   At Plexus Energy, we understand that energy is the lifeblood of any economy, and we are committed to making it accessible and affordable for everyone.But our mission goes beyond just providing Grid Tie Solar Power Systems. Need help with which is the best grid tie solar system to choose? Or whom should you choose for commercial Solar Project Financing? You can call us at +254720202040 and or send you queries to get your undealt queries and concerns resolved in a snap!

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