JAIIB Exam “Introduction to JAIIB Exam: Understanding the Basics” The JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers) Exam is a professional certification exam for banking professionals in India. The exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) and is recognized as an industry standard in banking. The JAIIB exam is divided into four papers – SubjectsNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksDurationIndian Economy & Indian Financial System1001002 hoursPrinciples & Practices of Banking1001002 hoursAccounting and Finance for Bankers1001002 hoursRetail Banking & Wealth Management1001002 hoursThe Principles and Practices of Banking paper focuses on the basics of banking, including banking operations, products, services, and customer relations. The Accounting and Finance for Bankers paper covers the financial aspects of banking, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and basic accounting concepts. The Indian Economy & Indian Financial System covers Indian Economic Architecture, Economic Concepts Related to Banking, Indian Financial Architecture, and Financial Products and Services. The Retail Banking & Wealth Management covers Retail Banking, Retail Products and Recovery, Support Services-Marketing of Banking Services/Products, and Wealth Management. To be eligible for the JAIIB exam, candidates must be employed as a bank official with a minimum of two years of service in the banking sector. Candidates who pass all four papers of the JAIIB exam are awarded the JAIIB certificate, which is valid for a period of three years. After the three-year period, candidates must revalidate their certificate by appearing for one paper of the JAIIB exam. The JAIIB exam is considered as an important certification for banking professionals as it helps them improve their knowledge and skills in banking operations, accounting, finance, and legal and regulatory aspects of banking. Moreover, the certification also helps candidates demonstrate their professional competence and commitment to their career in banking.   Read More: Follow Us On Facebook:- Follow Us On Twitter:- Follow Us On YouTube:- Follow Us On Linkedin:- Address:- Rafin Education India Pvt Ltd 405, Emarat Firdaus, Exhibition Road, Patna – 800006 (IN) Call US : +91 92641 49917 Email Us :-  

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