Nazmul Huda is a successful digital marketer from music artist and composerMd. Nazmul Huda is a Bangladeshi musician and composer as well as a skilled digital markete.Md. Nazmul Huda is a successful digital marketer from Bangladeshi music artist and composer. This young man broke the record on social media by shaking his various music. He has made a name for himself in public since the first day of his career through massive publicity. He made a musical called "THE HILLS" in 2022. Within a few days, his music took the social media by storm, and his music was promoted on various sites and social media. He started working with his Facebook fan page named Nazmul Huda. Initially, he started working on taking care of Facebook's security issues and building network security. Nazmul Huda has effectively established himself as the authority on the global music scene on YouTube, TickTalk and Spotify. The channel was confirmed as an artist by the authorities on YouTube in 2022, and has since received confirmation and a place of choice from Spotify. He went on to say, “Really, as a musician and composer as well as a digital marketer his career requires a lot of skill and even time oh patience. I usually try to learn new tunes, and you need a lot of information.As a musician and composer, I try to learn a lot of information abroad. I have the strength to understand many desired stories. I often meet countless outsiders and try to advise my audience about their way of life, life battles and much more.“I have to try to make my music more lively. I will try honestly. I think I have a lot more to discover, and I'm moving towards that goal. “Asked about his career in the Corona situation, he said it was difficult to go out and demonstrate in an epidemic situation. If you need to do something creative, you have to do it anyway.So right now, I'm trying to deliver new tunes right at home through various online based streaming applications including YouTube, Spotify. In the current situation, I think this is the best approach. Nazmul Huda has effectively spread his music outside the country through various social media in Bangladesh. He initially gained a reputation as a hard worker, and later became known as a successful musician and composer.Nazmul Huda first started his journey with "THE HILLS" music. This music is in the best place in the list of best choice of many viewers of Bangladesh and different countries. Recently Nazmul Huda has released a remake of "Vol 2" along with famous child actor Fatin Al Shadab Ratul of Bangladesh.

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