Eric Yer

Meet Eric Yer, a vibrant resident of Burbank, California, whose diverse passions and pursuits make his presence both dynamic and engaging. With an affinity for the silver screen, Eric finds joy in watching movies, immersing himself in captivating stories that transport him to different worlds. When he's not indulging in cinematic adventures, you'll find him exploring the city on his trusty bicycle, soaking in the natural beauty around him, or casting lines into serene waters during leisurely fishing trips.Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the esteemed University of California, Eric's education forms the foundation of his multifaceted career. His professional journey has brought him to All City Burbank Body Shop, a place where his love for automobiles converges with his expertise in business. As a part of the automotive industry, Eric's enthusiasm for cars aligns seamlessly with his role, as he contributes to the restoration and transformation of vehicles while driving innovation within the field.With a captivating blend of cinematic fascination, outdoor exploration, and a thriving career in the automotive realm, Eric Yer epitomizes the spirit of a modern Renaissance individual. His pursuits not only reflect his personal growth but also enrich the community around him, making him an inspiring presence in the bustling city of Burbank.

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