Anwarul Islam Tahsin’s Biography, Age, Life Carrier, Family Background and Success Stories as a Musician and Digital Marketer.

Biography and success story of Anwarul Islam Tahsin

Description: Anwarul Islam Tahsin is a Bangladeshi musician who has made a name for himself in the world of digital advertising and marketing as a digital artist and growing SEO expert, digital marketer, journalist and photographer. Anwarul Islam Tahsin is an influential, music artist, entrepreneurial writer and digital marketer as a professional. Anwarul Islam Tahsin has released his soundtrack on foreign track streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more. You can also find Anwarul Islam Tahsin’s songs on Google Music, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook Library.

This is what brought Anwarul Islam Tahsin to the world of social media.

Born: Anwarul Islam Tahsin was born on 26th September 1999 in the house of Afchar Uddin Patwary Bari. However, Tahsin grew up in his own home in SonagaziUpazila. Anwarul Islam Tahsin’s parents are both alive. They live in Feni, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. His father Mohammad Zahirul Islam is a teacher and his mother Shamim Akhter is a housewife. Her parents live in their own home. His father is a very honest and devoted man. People from all walks of life respect the father. His mother is like his father.

He has two brothers. His elder brother’s name is Tanvirul Islam and younger brother’s name is Monirul Islam. Both are very good at Education.

Education: Sonagazi has memories of his childhood still now . According to him, Anwarul Islam Tahsin started his education from a private school in his area. The name of the school was Sonagazi Ideal Institute, which was closed a long time ago. From there he was admitted to Uttar Char Chandia Government Primary School. He did not stay there very long. He studied there for 4 years. He passed PSC from there and passed JSC and SSC from Sonagazi Md. Saber Pilot Government High School. ThenHe  completed his Diploma in Engineering at Computer Science and Technology from Feni Computer Institute. Now he is studying at Northern University Bangladesh.

Volunteering: Anwarul Islam Tahsin has been a believer in philanthropy since childhood. He loves the country and the people of the country very much. So from school life he used to take part in various voluntary organizations. Scout was involved in school life. And led. After college, he led as a Rover Scout as a  SeniorRovermate, and also served as Team Leader in the graphics department at the Feni Computer Institute ICT Club. He was also a member of the Feni branch of Cyber ​​Crime Awareness. He is also a regular blood donor. Her blood group is B positive.

Skills: Anwarul Islam Tahsin was interested in learning from an early age due to which he acquired many skills. He earned an online Diploma paid degree in journalism and photography. Besides studying in the computer department, he has acquired good skills in graphics and digital marketing. He also did a government course on mobile app monetization. He has recently started working on software development. Also did free-lancing/out-sourcing .
Career: Anwarul Islam Tahsin works as a Digital Marketer in World Brand BD Company. He has caught everyone’s attention through his work. Everyone loves him. He has always tried to help others. He had Amazon Shop Authentic profile verified as a digital marketer and had some online services and electronic music. Which has attracted people to various online platforms. Thus gradually he came before the people through his actions and knowledge. And everyone is fascinated by him. He is incredibly beautiful and good man.

Anwarul Islam Tahsin made music with Beat Making Apps. Which are accepted on many popular music platforms. His first music was “Travel Beat Music” and this song became everyone’s favorite. In doing so, he gained a reputation as a verified artist on many music platforms. For example: “Spotify”, “Jaxsta”, “Anghami”, “Musixmatch”, “Boomplay”,

“Amazon Music”, “Deezer”, “Jiosaavn”, “Apple Music”. Also on several international music platforms

“KK Box”, “Pandora”. He has also earned the Official Verified Artist Badge on YouTube.

His strategy, work experience and knowledge have helped many people to achieve their goals in different ways. He is also collaborating with several new brands. He started his career by outsourcing as well as studying. He had a dream to achieve something big. In addition to her studies, she started her own social media platform using the same digital marketing strategies that she used to promote her own brand name, thus helping different campaigns for different industries. He has his own brand called “TahseeNian”.

YouTube is a very popular medium nowadays. So Anwarul Islam Tahsin uploaded the music video on his own YouTube Verified Artist channel “Anwarul Islam Tahsin”. “TahseeNian” and his other YouTube channel. So he chose YouTube to share his various videos. He is getting great response from the audience in a short time. So the views of the video and the subscribers of the channel are increasing day by day.

Success:  Anwarul Islam Tahsin is a public figure who has reached out to millions through his social media status and is encouraging young people who want to make a similar impact on their careers. He has always worked with social networking. He has thousands of followers. He still digitally maintains a strong position. His campaign is recognized all over the world. He is widely regarded as one of the best in the business world for associating it with paid digital media campaigns for his clients and for making a name for himself in the industry. Originally, Anwarul Islam Tahsin started his career by spreading music and inspirational blogs around the world. He has already released more than 10 music albums on many international music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, Tidal, Amazon.

He is a verified artist on some music platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, Musixmatch, Boomplay, Jaxsta, Anghami, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Youtuber. His biography is also in IMDB rating.

Asked about his online plans, Anwarul Islam Tahsinsaid,”Of course listeners need to pay attention to their needs, it is important for them to be truthful and genuine. The best way to impress people is to know what kind of content they expect. I don’t always follow anyone.” Concentrate on being original ৷ if your content and ideas are interestingly unique, it will surely entice the target audience ৷ once you learn to read people’s minds, you will be accepted everywhere.


TahseeNian’s goal:

TahseeNian provides services such as Digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Cyber Security, Social media account management, Brand promotion, Youtube content creat, Graphics Design ,Video Editing, Social Branding, IT Consalting etc.

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