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Alternative designs: How The Porsche Crest Could Have Looked

The Porsche crest is one of the most recognizable designs in the history of the automobile, and every element has great significance. Several people criticized it during the start of the 1960s. Experts designed different Porsche metal signs to replace the original. Thus, this post will examine the brief history of one of the most influential car brand logos. 

As far as the pragmatists who founded Porsche were concerned, this was all required to characterize what we now recognize as a road-going icon in 1948. According to legend, the individual aluminum letters were crafted by a trainee using a jigsaw. They were intended to be displayed on the Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster for its first race-winning performance at the Hofgarten road race in Innsbruck, Austria. 

How Could The Porsche Crest Have Looked?

Ottomar Domnick took the lead in 1951. He started a contest called The Porsche Prize to find a new company logo. Many submitted designs must be appropriate. At the end of 1951, Max Hoffman and Ferry Porsche discussed creating a logo during a business dinner in New York. 

Early Iterations of The Porsche Sign

Franz Xaver Reimspieß, a skilled draughtsman, developed the winning design in 1952: a Stuttgart city seal horse rearing within a golden shield. Additionally, the design showed Zuffenhausen’s dedication to vehicle production and Stuttgart’s. On top of that, the Porsche logo shields the Württemberg-Hohenzollern crest’s red and black state colors and beautiful antlers.

A Design For Ages

It’s a masterpiece that unites Porsche’s identity, showing that passion-driven enterprises can succeed even without professional expertise. Thus, Porsche’s crest made an imprint on letterheads, marketing, and cars. 

To understand a multicolored logo, we must go back to when color printing was expensive and complicated in the 1950s. Some printers possessed suitable machines, but creating printing plates or setting registration marks so that all print forms were exactly on top of each other was difficult. Moreover, creating a sharp graphic with the print screen slipping took a lot of work. 

The Porsche crest could have been more graceful as in 1961, Porsche sales managers and the dealer organization wrote to Porsche and its head of advertising, Hermann Lapper, regarding different colors and many details that do not amount to a compact, coherent visual effect in road traffic. Hence, the dealer organization needs a modern, identifiable crest.

Birth Of Logo As We Know It

The new logo was scheduled to debut alongside the Porsche 356 replacement called the “T8 program.” However, nothing came of it. The ongoing conflict between the letter P and a circle is occasionally mirrored, and from the current vantage point, it appears weird and even unsettling.

The decision was taken that a sudden shift in direction for the logo, which had been used since 1952, could have been a better idea. Ferry Porsche once argued that the Porsche crest was too close to the mark of the Reutter coachbuilding company since it included a rearing horse, as Ottomar Domnick had advised. Lastly, today’s crest remains the same even in its sixth incarnation. 


The Porsche crest, a recognizable car brand logo, was created in 1948 by Porsche pragmatists. The crest was designed by Ottomar Domnick in 1951 and later adapted by Franz Xaver Reimspieß in 1952. The crest’s impact on letterheads, marketing, and cars is evident today. Despite initial criticisms, the crest remains a symbol of passion and success, despite the challenges of color printing and the need for a modern, identifiable crest.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is a Porsche metal sign?

A Porsche metal sign is a decorative sign made of metal that features the Porsche logo or a design related to Porsche cars. 

What are the benefits of owning a Porsche metal sign?

There are many benefits to owning a Porsche metal sign:

  • First, it shows your love of Porsche cars. 
  • Secondly, you can add a touch of class and style to your home decor. 
  • Third, it’s a great gift for any Porsche enthusiast.

What are the different types of Porsche metal signs?

There are many different types of Porsche metal signs available:

  • Wall signs
  • Door signs
  • Desk signs
  • License plate signs

How much do metal signs cost?

The price of a metal sign varies depending on the size, type, and design. 

  • Wall signs typically cost between $20 and $50. 
  • Door signs typically cost between $10 and $30. 
  • Desk signs typically cost between $5 and $15. 
  • License plate signs typically cost between $10 and $20. 
  • Custom signs can cost as much as several hundred dollars.

How do I care for a metal sign?

Wipe it down with a damp cloth to care for a metal sign, and avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners.


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