Ahir Devesh’s Book ‘the lockdown’ getting love by readers


Lockdown effect had everyone going nuts. While some sat around wasting their time in binge-watching series, others struggled to find something worthwhile to pursue. As a matter of fact, only a few people made full use of this unprecedented halt in life. Of course, it takes a lot of talent and perseverance to stay motivated and accomplishing something great even in hopeless circumstances. One such person is Ahir Devesh who utilized this lockdown efficiently. He recently made his debut in the writing industry with his stort story ‘The lockdown:the story of a family’ and is now all set to release his second book, ‘The untold story of Bhopal’

Launching on December 2020, Devesh’s new book has left many people intrigued. He released the book cover on his social media handles and people haven’t stopped talking about it since. His fans are excited to see what the whole deal is about and what the new book is about to bring around. There is a lot of buzz and guessing-game among people about the possible plots of his brand new novel. The cover expresses a vibe of suspense and impending darkness. The lingering sense of paranormality and mystery is yet to be confirmed. We can only assume what the plot has to offer until we read it ourselves. It is not yet for sure what would be the actual plot of the book but sure to be another hit.

Ahir Devesh’s debut short story was very well received by readers worldwide. A crime-thriller story based on lockdown time. This story gave chills to the readers and is acclaimed as one of the best non fiction short story. The book is available in English & Hindi languages, catering to a wider non-binary linguistic group.

Devesh’s unique and peculiar writing style has made him very popular. His unconventional approach to the plot of the story makes the readers lose themselves into the book. His simplistic yet aesthetic language has made the book all the more better. His unique storylines are nothing you could even imagine. All this and more is what differentiates this young writer from the crowd.

More about ahir Devesh :

Ahir Devesh is an Indian Author and writer. He was born in laxmipur, uttar pradesh. His original name is Devesh Yadav. Ahir Devesh started his career as a poet. His first notable book is ‘The lockdown’ Published in 2020.

Full names : Devesh Yadav

Books : The lockdown, The U. S. of Bhopal

Parents : Prem Yadav, Punita Devi




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