AH Monayem is on his way to becoming a successful Entrepreneur

AH Monayem is a musical artist, author, and entrepreneur based in Bangladesh. He is becoming popular gradually on music streaming platforms, YouTube, and social media platforms. He is well known for his presence on the web as a technology expert who is also known for other things like SEO, social media influencer, PR expert, and digital marketing expert. But looking at the core, he is a musical artist and entrepreneur of par excellence. The surge of the internet has given platforms like social media, which seemed to have engaged many. Bangladesh alone has a user base of more than 180 million people, and many have redefined the virtual space to pursue their dreams in a big way. One of the social media platforms is YouTube, allowing people to share their skills and honed talents innovatively. One such man is AH Monayem, who holds expertise in various social media marketing and digital marketing skill sets.

He shares his knowledge with his fans and tries to help many people solve their technical problems. Moreover, he shares music-making tutorials with the latest technology news, digital marketing strategy, SEO tips, and the best reviews of various gadgets. He teaches many novices and veterans with his knowledge and expertise going great turns in his chosen domain. Although he is a musical artist and entrepreneur professionally, he regularly writes in his spare time. He has published several books on Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle Store, and Goodreads from 2022 onwards. He also works as a course instructor on various online platforms in his specialized subjects and tries to publish books on multiple topics to spread knowledge.

During lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, AH Monayem started working as an entrepreneur with various initiatives of his own. He has been working on multiple projects for a long time now, including assisting numerous companies providing online services as a technology expert. His tactics, work experience, and knowledge have helped several people in different ways to achieve their targets. He has also collaborated with many renewed brands and worked efficiently on various projects of several e-commerce platforms worldwide. In 2020, he started his journey with the digital agency he founded. And the organisation is already beginning to see the face of success. Today, he can be called a rising entrepreneur who is undoubtedly an inspiration to many. He is currently working on many projects to empower the youth.

Sheikh Nuruzzaman Rony
Sheikh Nuruzzaman Rony
Sheikh Nuruzzaman Rony alslo known as SN Rony is an independent journalist and author from Bangladesh. So far more than 50 of his books have been released in Bengali language. Among the books written by him, he has gained a lot of popularity for several more books including "Jegeche Bangladesh, Ekattorer Jagaran, and Maha Manab".


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