Actor Al-Mamun Al Siyam talking about upcoming movies: Tramping.

There was speculation as to who was starring in the new film ‘Tramping’. For some time now, the name of “Al-Mamun Al Siyam has been heard in the main character, who was done ‘Bir’. Now Prothom Alo is reporting that the name of Syiam was finalized on Tuesday night. However, the heroine has not been finalized yet.


“The talks have been going on since May,” Siyam said. I got the final offer a week ago. I signed the agreement on Tuesday night. ‘


In the context of the story of the film, he said, the next day there will be a war in cyber. Are the fighters of this country ready for it? A group of tech-crazy young people can be seen in the film. Siyam is a member of that group. The character’s name is Piku.


Although acting, but Siyam thinks it is important to know the details of computer programming and cyber warfare for this film.


He said, ‘I have read three versions of the screenplay. Maybe read more versions. Because, the subject of the picture is such that the screenplay will be corrected every day. At first I was confused about the content of the film after reading a few versions of the screenplay. How easy would it be for me to bring up the character of a programmer? I have less idea about the subject. Later, however, the director and his team members reassured me.


I have sat down with the team several times on these issues. Apart from that, a series of workshops will be started soon with those who are experienced in computer programming. That will continue until the shooting starts.

Most importantly, most of the artists in my previous work “Bir” with this director are in this film. That is why I am getting the courage to do the job. ‘

Let’s know someone information of Siyam:

Al Mamun (known as Al-Mamun Al Siyam) is a Bangladeshi film actor. He is well known for his movies Alifa, Alpha and Bir.


Siyam was born on March 2, in Barishal, but he grew up in Dhaka and started his studies there. He graduated from Uttara Model College in 2016 with a degree in Business Education. Now he research at Asian University of Bangladesh in BSS.


Siyam started his career by playing the role of a villain in the movie Alifa. Then in March 2019, he acted in the movie Alpha as the second movie of his life. And the following year he acted in his 3rd film Bir.



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